Arduino/Trinket USB scroll wheel?

I've seen several tutorials on making an Arduino or Adafruit Trinket based volume control wheel, but I can't seem to find anything about making a scroll wheel.  Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any tutorials on how to make a USB scroll wheel with an Arduino or Trinket?

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Shouldn't be too hard with an Arduino Leonardo. That will enumerate as a HID in the USB stack, with the right coding, then making it emit mouse events is straight forward

Josh_Blackburn (author)  steveastrouk25 days ago

I hadn't thought of that, I'll have to look into how much a Leonardo costs. Thanks!

Original UNO or china clone?
The later often use a different USB chip that requires a different driver to work.

Josh_Blackburn (author)  Downunder35m25 days ago

If I use an Arduino, it would be a clone.

Do you something like the scroll whell on your mouse to go through webpages and so on?
Or just to get scroll and directional impulses to be used on Arduino or similar?

Josh_Blackburn (author)  Downunder35m25 days ago

Like the scroll wheel on a mouse, to go through webpages and stuff.