To transform liquid extraction into powder?

I would like to transform liquid extraction (reishi, shiitake and maitake mushroom) into powder to be capsule for storage and more controlled measured dosage. Is it possible also without fillers?

Mushroom extractions are usually done with alcohol and water.
After that the extract is used as it is.
If you want dry mushrooms then dry them and cursh them if you feel like it.

How do you control a dosage if you have no clue about how much is actually in your stuff?
The only mushrooms that are processed as a dried extract (that I am aware of) are quite illegal in most countries....

seandogue9 days ago

Presuming this is a DIY home use thing, rahter than a commercial production, a slurry could conceivably be sun-dried and then crushed. It seems to me that filtering would be your best bet for removing the bulk water though. Even paper towels could be used and little would be lsot to adherence to the filter material.

Maybe boiling? Maybe freeze-drying?

I am not sure what you mean by using the word "fillers", unless that word actually means "fliters", or maybe a word for some thing that selectively adsorbs,or absorbs, water, like a desiccant.

There is also a Wikipedia article for, "Desiccation",

and there might be something in that one, relevant to your query, since, you know, desiccation is all about making things dry.