What Adhesive and or Sealant to decoupage a car with fabric, paper, & ...?

Hi Guys,

Maria in Florida here.

Bought a 2013 Honda Fit which I love but is all black.

Did I mention I live in FLORIDA?

It would have to withstand relentless Sun & Water, dry slow enough so that I can manipulate materials and remove air bubbles before they harden, be flexible enough to accept movement within the frame and dry hard as diamonds. 

Oh, and if it could take a coat or two of wax so I can keep up the shine that´d be great too.

I don´t plan to put anything 3-dimensional so at least there´s that?!

Many thanks for any suggestions.

Cheers and Can´t wait to hear from all you brilliant ¨Instructablers.¨ :)

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rickharris29 days ago

PVA glue - Elmers white glue or MoDGEPODGE all the same thing. Dries clear.

Does dissolve in the rain though and goes quite soft in hot temps as you can get with a car parked in the sun....

AH OK A coat of varnish or lacquer after to seal the surface.

I strongly suspect that most advesives will suffer frim degredation in UV light anyway.

If you want it to be on there forever (really forever) use a clear epoxy or polyester resin.

If you use breathable material like fabric or paper you can use chloroprene cement (contact glue, shoe glue, neoprene glue - all the same).
Once dry it is like rubber and flexible.
Be aware though that if you let it dry first it really acts as a contact glue - the other part with dry glue on it will bond instantly and won't allow for much corrections.