anyone know what websites to use when editing pictures if any one has a website please feel free to massage thanx?

im trying edit pic for things i want to sell on ebay and guntree

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rickharris23 days ago

Google picture has reasonable basic editing facilities.

You can still down load Picasa for free.

Microsoft Paint

If you want to get closer to photoshop then GIMP is free (google for it)

the modder (author)  rickharris23 days ago
thanx for the massage mate I will try those apps and websites

The word is "Message"....massage is different.....



I don't as I don't use websites for this, there is a reason for apps ;)

Here is link to the Wikipedia article titled, "Comparison of raster graphics editors". If the editor you're looking for is not there, it should be.

The way you describe it, I am guessing you want something from the "Online with App" category, and there are only four of those listed, namely:

Mara, PixIr, PicMonkey, and PicsArt

Also I think the "Free and open source software" category is worth looking at, if you have a real computer, and you're willing to download free software and install it.