I Need a Little Help with Shift Registers

Hello, I'm both new to Instructables, and Electronics in general.
I'm trying to make a Divergence Meter, but I'm going to be using LED's and etched acrylic instead of Nixie tubes.

(It's safer for having my little cousins around.)

I'm hoping to control each tube with one shift register per tube. Each tube will have 11 inputs and 1 output (11 LED's 0402 type). I was curious if you guys had any tips on how to do that with the standard 16 pin registers, or if you could direct me to one that could do it.


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The MAX7221 has 64 outputs, and only needs three lines to drive it. You can cascade multiple devices, over the same three lines. If you look at my project "CarBarduino" you'll see a custom board I built with the same chip

PS1188 days ago

For more I/O for the LED's, before resorting to bit-shifting, I'd first look into charlieplexing:

Glyngsdal_inovations (author)  PS1188 days ago

Thanks, I'll take a look at it.