Please Allow Me to (Re)Introduce Myself

Greetings Folks!

My name is Randy and I am a "new" member of the Community Management staff. For those of you who have been around a while, you may remember me from my time as serving as the first Community Manager of this website starting in 2007, or from my role as the Technology Editor in 2010, or even as the founder of the Instructables Design Studio back in 2013. 

Albeit a lot has changed in my life since I last spent some time hanging out here in the forums - I completed grad school... moved to NYC... decided to get married... - my enthusiasm for this website has not.  I'm super-excited to be back in the role of community manager and more actively participating on the site. 

I look forward to getting know everybody new, and catching up with those of you who have also been around forever (lookin' at you Kiteman and Caitlinsdad!) Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback for me. 

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Nice to see one of the founders back in actions and talking here :)
I don't want to sound rude here or hijack but since you asked about feedback...

might be alone with my opinion here but I think it would be great if
the developers behind all this great stuff would listen more to the
requests of the people keeping all this alive and kicking.
Feature requests go unnoticed for years with little to know explanation why.
a lot of users say the would love to be able to embed images in the
text of their Instructable or would love to have proper editing tools
for the forum sections than I think it should be considered.
And no, I
don't mean the occasional request for a feature only this particular
user "needs", I mean stuff that has been continously requested for
I noticed most people here seem to be used to doing everything
in a particular and never changing way to get consistent looking
Instructables no matter the topic.
But flexibility these days is what makes forums come alive through the user.
Check any good forum with a decent userbse that uses VB or or other dedicated forum software and you know what I mean ;)
I feel I am still in the early times of computers when it comes to this
website: You find a workaround to a problem you should not have just to
keep going LOL
No offence meant in any way here!

randofo (author)  Downunder35m12 days ago

Woahhh boy... You are throwing me right in the deep end! :)

I hear what you are saying about the lack of communication regarding site changes and updates. Part of the reason I am here is to work on having a more proactive dialogue with community members such as yourself.

I do know a new Community landing page is somewhere on the horizon. This should make it easier for us to better communicate changes, and highlight interesting posts. That said, I am not sure the timeline for that off the top of my head.

To be honest, I believe that a lot of the things you are requesting are in the works. But... it is Sunday night here, and none of my coworkers are going to respond to me about any of this until at least tomorrow. Let me investigate and see what I can report back.

Sorry! Really! But you asked ;)
But it is nice to at least get some feedback back and know things are actually happening!

makendo11 days ago

welcome back Randy

Glumgad13 days ago

Hi Randy!

I am a Newby, but I know you! Thank you for your classes!

randofo (author)  Glumgad13 days ago

No worries. Glad you enjoyed them. :)

Kiteman14 days ago

Yay, he's back!

Are you still in NYC, working remotely?

randofo (author)  Kiteman14 days ago

Yeah. Working from NYC. It's much more civilized over here.

Kiteman randofo13 days ago

You're the first person I've heard refer to New York as "civilised"...

randofo (author)  Kiteman13 days ago

Our crime rate was at an all-time low last year... And as a culture we have refined the art of pizza, bagels, and pizza bagels...

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