Carrot & Cucumber Cutter (Julienne)





Introduction: Carrot & Cucumber Cutter (Julienne)

One of the best healthy snacks I love are carrots cut in matchsticks.

In this Instructable I'll show you a gadget that you can part 3D print and when assembled cut carrots in seconds.

It's easy and safe to use even by kids.

What's needed:

  • Caulk gun like the one I used.

If you can’t find one locally, search for “Skeleton caulk gun” on Amazon.Here is one similar to the one I used.

  • Steel wire
  • 3D printed parts

Download it here:

Step 1:

First I cut the end of the caulk gun

Step 2:

Then I applied some glue and slid the main 3D printed piece onto the caulk gun's side bars

Step 3:

I used a steel wire to make a cutting end.

There are 2 different size cutting ends included in the file.

Step 4:

Then I attached the plunger and screwed on the cutting end

Step 5:

You'll want to pump the plunger until it reaches the cutter, so you could mark the rod and cut it.

Step 6:

Then I glued the lever.

It will prevent the plunger going too far and damaging the cutting end.

Step 7:

It's perfect to cut carrots and easy to use.

Guide the carrot with hand when cutting it.

You can use different size cutting ends for different size matchsticks.



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HMMM for those of us who don't have access to a 3D printer wondering if adapting PVC pipe would work? Great idea by the way ShakeTheFurniture thank you for sharing. :)

I bet we can do it with PVC. What an awesome idea, ShakeTheFuture.

I’m not sure what you used for steel wire but an electric guitar string would probably work really good.
Nice idea and build. Cheers

I used a wire that I bought in gardening section in my home improvement store.

I have never used a guitar string to cut things. I might try it. Cheers!

For those in need of a 3d printer look in your area for a “makerspace” or maybe a community college with a lab class.

Glock27 that is why I suggest and I think one other person suggested PVC pipe :)

I just saw one of those potato chippers in a store and thought I should build one. Great idea! Reminds me of what you posted a while ago with the syringes :)