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Introduction: DIY: MIni Planters

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This are the small planters which are easy to make by small children or yourself.

They're ceramic and pretty sturdy. They're also big enough to house small succulents and air plants - making them perfect for this activity.

I have added 3 designs and a image template you can make any variation of your choice.

This is a small tutorial,if you like the instructable please like, vote as this is a part of Planter contest.

Thank you

Step 1: Things Required

3x Egg cups

1x permanent marker

Small succulents plants etc. of your choice.

Step 2: Lets Get Started :Design 1

Start by holding the egg cup at the base and use a thick marker to draw the left eye of the dog.

Then do the same with the right eye.

Once you've done the eyes, add a dog nose in the middle, followed by some whiskers.

Step 3: Design 2

Start by drawing the eyes. You can do round circles or make them look a bit more like sketches.

For the mouth, draw a line with a little kink on the left-hand side to make it look like a smile. Then draw two smaller lines -one above and one below - that line and join them to the middle line to complete the mouth with lips.

Then add two small dots for the nose and a small line above each eye for the eyebrows.

Using the thin marker, draw a circle made of tiny dots under each eye to complete the face with cheeks.

Then grab the marker again and using lean it into the crevasse where the 'head' and the 'neck' of the egg cup meet.
Using the crevasse as a guide, gently turn the egg cup so that the marker leaves a line all the way around the cup.

Then carefully draw 2-3 more lines underneath that one using the same method of twisting the egg cup. It's a bit fiddly, but you've totally got it.

Once you have the lines, draw a small up-side-down butterfly shape to make the bow on her shirt.

Step 4:

And now it's time to add a succulent.

Make sure you find a succulent that looks like it has small roots - you can ask anyone working at a plant nursery for suggestions.

Because the egg cup is small, you'll need to find something small to use to both get the plant out of the original pot and to pop the soil and plant into your mini planter.

I used a teaspoon - it worked a treat.

I carefully dug out the succulent with its roots and popped that into the mini planter first.
Then carefully add soil in around the roots and gently padded it down until the succulent was firmly in place.

Make sure you find a succulent that looks like it has small roots - you can ask anyone working at a plant nursery for suggestions.

Step 5: Design 3

Start by drawing the eyes - simple, flattened half circles

Then draw a bigger one down lower for the mouth.

Next, draw tiny lines coming off the eyes to complete the eyelashes

Step 6: Finished

Once you've finished drawing on your mini planters you can fill them with any plants or flower offcuts you like to create the perfect little present for someone or to add a touch to your decor.

Step 7: Other Designs to Choose From.



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