Hamster House


Introduction: Hamster House

I will be showing you how to make a good hamster house.

Step 1: Finding a Tank

First you have to get a fish tank that is a big enough space for your hamster and some living space.

Step 2: Materials

Next, you have to find the main living things a hamster needs and place them somewhere in the tank. The thinks you MUST need is a water, food bowl, food, wheel, house for it to live in, & bedding.

Step 3: Congrats You Just Made a Hamster House in a Tank!

You made a hamster tank!

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    I wanted to say that while this enclosure has good basic equipment/accessories, a hamster requires much more bedding to ensure the burrowing instinct is satisfied, and more space too. The minimum requirements for a cage are around 100cm by 80cm, and of course, it is vital to give the animal time outside the cage too - even if it's not free roaming and instead in a play pen. Good luck with future projects!

    2 replies

    Thanks and that was our old hamster's tank. Our actual one we have now is huge. I did forget to mention to let them out of the cage. Thanks for all of the advice!

    That's awesome to hear, and no worries :) Glad to help

    this thing is amazing

    You are going to win :-)(