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Introduction: Make Your Own Travel Diary

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Do you travel a lot? Do you find it difficult to manage all your tour memories at one place? Then this project is for you!! You can make a travel diary where you can write your travel experiences along with photos you captured. Some years ago photo albums were used to display tour photos. But this is the better idea to make a travel diary as You can also write each day experience along with photos. Make your own travel diary and tell your friends about your happy travel memories in a new and different way!

It is extremely easy to make a travel diary. All you need is a diary, a pen and some travel photos.

I am sure you will find the instructable interesting!!!

Step 1: Gather Materials

1. Spiral Diary

2. Pen

3. Some captured tour photos

Step 2: Manage Photos

You have to print the travel photos on sticker paper. It is convenient to print on sticker paper. So all you need to do is to stick it without any glue or tape.

First of all in MS-Word Manage all your captured photos you want to include in Diary. Then resize them. Finally Print them!!!

Step 3: Cut

Cut the photos neatly!!

Step 4: Heading

Apply the heading in the header of Diary. I have written 'PARIS' in Block Letters.

Step 5: Stick Photos

Stick photos accordingly where you want to stick them on Pages.

Step 6: Write About Photos

Write something about photos and memories attached to photos.

Step 7: Add Doodles

You can also add some small doodles to make pages attractive. You can also add some stars for Decoration.

Step 8: Finally Did It!

You have made your travel diary. If you have more photos and memories, Go On!!

You can share your travel diaries by using 'I Made It' Comment on this instructable.

I hope you enjoyed it!!!

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    This would make a great way for everyone in the family to work on the trip memories together.

    2 replies

    Thanks for your positive feedback!!!!!

    Your very welcome. I think this is a great idea for getting kids started at journaling. If the page is already filled with pictures you don't have the overwhelming blank page syndrome. The pictures trigger memories that tell you what to write. Several people can add to the same page.