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Introduction: Mobile Kids Desk

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We designed this table and stool set for our 7-years old daughter who loves to draw. In our version of the drawing table there is no use of glue or screws. We wanted to keep the design and building as simple as possible so it would be easy to diy. But for a stronger construction you might want to add some glue. Our intention is to keep the table also mobile and easily movable.


2 sheets of plywood 500 x 1600; 350 x 350 mm, 18 mm thick.
2-3 meters nylon rope
Olie for finishing.
Wooden stick
The pen cases we are using are from IKEA (disclaimer: not an affiliate)


Sander + sanding paper
Router saw or Hand circural saw

Step 1: Cutting the Stripes on the Plywood

Cut the stripes to the plywood as seen on the plan above.
You can use the format saw or the hand power saw (see on the picture above). If you want to have a stronger construction, consider adding glue in between the stripes. That will make the desk probably unbreakable.

Step 2: Carving the Holes

Make all the necessary cuts for the rope and pencil box holders (see the plans above)
It will help when you use a drill for the rough cuts, then use chisel to smoothen the edges.
To get rid of sharp edges we used a paint can to mark the rounded corners and cut them.

Step 3: Finishing and Bending the Plywood

We use oil for getting a smooth and natural surfaces. Before finishing the plywood, sand everything carefully.
Let the oil dry and then pull gently the table into the position seen on the picture above. Tie the ropes and put the pen boxes into their places.

Step 4: Installing the Paper Holder

Using a drill make the holes for the paper holder. Make the loop using a rope. This will hold the stick and let the paper roll.

Step 5: Making the Stool

Mark the sawing route to the plywood and carefully saw all the pieces. Before sawing cover the sawing route with the painting tape. Use a drill to make the first cut.

Step 6:

Step 7: Installing All Together

If you have made everything correctly then this is the easiest part of this project.



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    5 Discussions


    Question 3 days ago

    How thick is the plywood that you used? I can't seem to find where you mentioned it in your 'ible.

    So glad you love it! I was so tired of our daughter asking for some new paper so I decided to add it. I admit that the idea came from IKEA, though.

    Neat. But my son would break this thing in about 4 minutes by climbing atop it.

    Everything I build for him has to be super heavy duty.

    1 reply

    Hey! Thanks for the comment.
    Actually, if you would stick some wood glue in between the holes of the holes of the break poinst, he would not be able to break it! We use the beech plywood which is very strong, even a grown up could not break it. :)

    Love it! The holder for the roll of paper is a wonderful touch :)