Pocket Survival Kit





Introduction: Pocket Survival Kit

 Here is my idea of the perfect survival companion which may one day
come to use for an emergency situation...

Step 1: Gathering Your Supplies

 Here is some things you will need:
-Iodine pills
-Cotton tinder
-Waterproof/Windproof matches
-Razor Blade
-Liquid filled compass
-Wax Candle
-Hemp twine
-Sewing Kit (with leather stitching needle and thread)
-Braided wire saw
-Fishing kit (with 10lb ice fishing line)
-Snare wire
-Ziploc bag

Once you have bought all the supplies neatly stack all the things in the tin
and close the lid, make sure the tin is sealed airtight and everything is 
replaced every so often to ensure that everything keeps to its premium..

Step 2: Always Carry It With You

 Don't forget always carry your survival kit when you are exploring the outdoors 
its small enough to fit in your pocket or even in your day sack.
remember there's no excuse to leave it behind make sure it's always with you
one day it could save your life!

Step 3: Finished

 Your'e done make sure everything works and don't leave it behind.
A thing that I recommend you should do is wrap some tape around the tin like shown below which ensures that the tin is waterproof just in case.

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    25 Discussions

    Now if only i had a civil war era tin for this, in case i go with my friend with his reenactment troop.

    I've lost this kit so I've GOT to make another one :(
    just ordered a tobacco tin of ebay!
    I'll post picture's when I'm done.

    i gotta say, this is a very good survival kit. and the painkillers where a good idea. i love the matches you used for this kit they are just about the best you can get. very good job. im going to use this for oregon next summer. so thank you :) once again painkillers=good idea. thanx a ton 4 hearing what i have to say about your fine instructable.

    2 replies

    Pocket Survival Kits could be an Olympic event! Contents are variable as to locale and personal preference. Maybe this should be a separate category in survival, with subdivisions for: Altoids (macro to mini), and up to big stuff for big places. The periodical "The Backwoodsman" (available mostly where "Make" is sold) is a great resource. " It's sort of "Make" without electronics. Check it out.

    1 reply

    Yes!! my dad has tons of those backswoodsman magazine's I think read them more than him lol. Contents are definately a preference, it also depends on your abilities aswell Thanks for the comment!

    hey that's a really cool idea pls make the next instructable for the knife :D

    1 reply

    for drinking u just take a small, flat flask which can go into another pocket. (yeah it doesn't really matter about the shape but it's handy if it is flat)

    Good job. You covered all the basics, like fire, drinkable water, food. I might include a clean can as storage, and it can also be used to boil water to make it drinkable. Do not underestimate your tin cans, people.

    As for the wire saw: drop it. I have yet to find one that cuts well, or doesn't break after using it twice. Instead, break smaller tree limbs by hand, or drag larger ones into your fire. When the limb burns, move more of the limb into the fire.

    1 reply

    Were would the can go? Ive used the saw before, I put it in my surival kit. I found that if you now how to use a saw properly it won't break. I have bought the 1 strand wire saws before and they dont work but the braided ones prove to be very hardy. Maybe you bought the wrong one?

    I love the black tape for the waterprooofing. Maybe gorilla tape couple of time around and usefull!

    1 reply