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Introduction: Stone Head Planter

My Brother challenged me to design something in TINKERCAD for the Planter Contest. I thought that a "stone head" pot would be cool because you can grow all sorts of different plants to create different effects. I will go through a few of the design steps used in TINKERCAD to give an idea of how simple the design process can be. This will not be a complete instructional piece on how to use design software. Rather it is an overview of the steps used to create this pot. I will also share the file in the last step if you would like print one of your own.

Safety: Unlike some of my Instructables this one is fairly safe and requires very little precaution. Just make sure to print and paint in a ventilated area to avoid breathing the fumes.

Materials list:

3D printer - I print using PLA

Rust-Oleum - American Accents - Stone

Spray Polyurethane to seal finished pot after painting

Optional: RBG flashing LED, Wire, Two AA batteries, and a switch. I will explain this option in the end.

Step 1: Build the Pot

I started out with a sphere that I stretched a little longer and taller. I then dropped the bottom of the sphere below the build platform and cut it off with a "hole" shape to give the pot a flat surface to sit on. I then cut the top off with another "hole" shape that was angled slightly and opened up the pot area with a "hole cylinder".

Step 2: Design the Face

I wanted a basic stone statue appearance so I cut the face flat. I have shown the shapes that formed the face above in picture format. You can see that the nose is a paraboloid and a cylinder combined (Grouped) and tilted to fit the face. The eyes are cut with a half cylinder named Round Roof by Tinkercad. The mouth was formed with a number of combined Torus shapes that are stacked and offset.

Step 3: Paint & Seal

I wanted a stone look and the blue PLA filament that it is printed in was not going to work for the proper effect. So I used Rust-Oleum, American Accents, Stone spray paint. This is the first time I used this product and I am impressed with the effect. I then sprayed the pot with Urethane to seal it as it is going to have soil and water in it. I did not put a drain hole into the design shown here which may create a problem for potting soil so I am going to include an stl file with a drain hole. I added an LED effect into my pot design so I left out the drain hole to insure that I did not get water near my batteries.

Step 4: LED Effects & STL Files

I cut channels into the pot to accept batteries, wires and an LED RBG flashing light. I also printed some translucent eyes that I decided that I did not like the look of. So I went with the light shining into the eye wells instead. See photos for notes on this added effect. I did not add a switch, but if I make another one of these pots I will include a switch at the back of the pot with a channel running under the pot for the wires to run through. I think the LED effect is cool, but unnecessary.

Dimensions are roughly: 6" long X 5" wide X 4 1/2" high. These dimensions can easily be increased proportionately if you are not using the battery box and LED light effect.

A few details: Print time is roughly 6 hours. Cost of a can of the stone paint is roughly $8.50 USD. I used most of the can to get the planter fully coated inside and outside. I had a can of spray urethane in my shop already and I do not recall how much they cost. I would estimate that it costs roughly $20 to make one of these.

Here attached is the file if you wish to print one for yourself. This file does include a drain hole to remove water.

As always I welcome any questions and comments.

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    Well made! The spray paint you used is fantastic. It appears in the photos that it also gives it a lot of texture? I'll have to see if there is anything like it available here.

    1 reply

    Thank you. The paint does give it texture.