Need Assistance Planning Route

I'm looking for some help... I will be driving from Orlando, FL to Los Angeles, CA to the San Francisco, CA east bay area in about two weeks. I'm looking for advice on what roads to take, where to avoid (certain roads at certain times) and places to stop/see to break up the trip. I greatly appreciate the help, even if it's just for a local area :D I'll be going to AAA soon to get maps and construction advisories :) My goal, in my car's current configuration, is to get 30% over EPA estimate - which is ~40 miles per gallon. EPA estimates 31mpg highway - 24 city - 27 combined (that's the updated numbers). I have a scanguage2 and have been tuning my driving skills for hypermiling (my current tank is 32mpg, 100% city driving).

Posted by trebuchet03 11 years ago

Want to Collab on a wallet, anyone??

Hi everyone. I don't have any time to finish my wallet, so I was wondering if anyone that has any old film (the kind that you find on reels) would like to make one. My idea was to make a kind of fabric out of the film, mesh it together, and then tape the ends so that they don't fringe and fall apart. I'd like to see it done, so it would be cool if someone took my ideas. You don't have to make it a collab if you want, I just want to see it done. Thanks, -Josh

Posted by T3h_Muffinator 11 years ago

Challenge for all you ringers

Not sure if anyone has posted something that could do this, but I did a couple searches and gave up. I challenge someone to rig up something that can remove those clothing store security tags or deactivate whatever sets off the alarm

Posted by slevin711 11 years ago


I am building a Sig Tiger rubber band-powered model. I know it's wimpy, but I don't have a budget for anything larger, or a place to fly it. My question is if anyone has experience with model airplane covering. Specifically, I read an article in an old RC Modeler magazine that said plastic wrap, attached with a glue stick, made excellent covering for light models, but that Monokote and Ultrakote will crush light balsa models when it shrinks. Has anyone ever tried this? I'm supposed to use tissue, according to the plans, but ew.Also, I have an ancient U-Control Waco SRE biplane that my uncle built when he was deployed to Korea. It has an old O.S. Max III 35 that has no hope of running again, but I want to at least recover it. Any suggestions for removing old covering? It seems to be Monokote-type stuff.

Posted by CameronSS 11 years ago

Looking for micro pump for steampunk liquid-cooled laptop tray

Anyone with an aluminum powerbook knows how scary-hot the get during a dvd rip. My solution is a steampunk liquid cooling tray. It would have a copper plate with a thin liquid reservoir just under the centre, where the processor is, with brazed copper tubes emanating outward under the tray. But to keep the tray thin, I can't take advantage of the natural upward flow of the hot liquid and I want to avoid radiators hanging out the back or sides. I figure I need a wee pump to push the liquid out to the outer edges to cool. Running off the USB of course! I've seen the one made from a phone vibrator, a pen and some tubing. That'd work, i suppose. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a low voltage micro/nano pump? As for the USB, I found a mini voltage converter here. I can handle the design, it's the technical (esp. electrical) aspects that make me stumble. Any help would be so appreciated.

Posted by jodybaker 11 years ago

crystal oscillator TCXO VCXO OCXO

Guangzhou zgc electronic co.ltdZGC Electroric co.,ltd. is an incustrial entity that is involved in developing and manufacturing quartz crystal resonator of various models and Electronic CO.,LtdZGC Electronic CO.,Ltd

Posted by zhenggong 11 years ago

New Gun: Prototype XM-177 Compact , should I post?

This is a gun prototype, meaning it is not quite done yet, that fires yellow rods. It is named after the CAR-15/XM-177 assault rifle from Colt, however it IS NOT full-auto, meaning you have to cock it each time to fire. You can cock it by pulling the "bolt" back as seen in pictures 3 and 4, 3 bieng in the cocking position and 4 being in the cocked position. Picture 1 is of the chamber with one shot in it, and picture 2 is of the butt of the gun. Picture 5 and 6 are of the sights, 5 is the first sight and 6 are the rear sights. So tell me, should I post it? UPDATE: 4/28/07 I added two more pics. Picture 7 is a view through the sights, picture 8 is of a bi-pod I designed specificaly for this gun.

Posted by Whaleman 11 years ago

accelerometer based mouse, what happens when tilted

I got a free dual axis low g accelerometer from freescale, the output voltage is proportional to the g forces, I also have a ton of free PICmicro chips with I2C and A/D converters. I want to make a mouse just basically for proof of concept. I was thinking about how to program it, since I want to tell the computer the "movement since last request", I would need to calculate the speed using the g force reading (9.8m/s2 = 1g)if the mouse is moving at a constant speed, the g force would be 0, and the speed would be the same as the last reading, also, gravity affects the reading if the mouse is tilted slightly, increasing the speed even if it is not moving at all, so I was thinking, if the mouse was tilted, and then balanced again, the speed would remain the same, causing annoyance to the user. this is the problem i would like to solve.Is there a space efficient way to make a accelerometer not affected by tilt? if not, is there any tricks I can use (such as detecting unusually uniform g force and automatically go into "joystick mode")? I have been thinking about using a thumb button to zero the speed (while held down, the mouse can also do "super precise mode" which means one pixel per half second no mater how fast), is the thumb button the way to go? how about sensor to see if there is contact with a surface? or four IR rangers to detect tilt while above a surface?side note: does anybody have a datasheet for ata1060xa? its a optical mouse sensor with built in 27mhz RF transmitter made by @lab, and they don't share datasheets.oh and head on over to cypress for free wireless usb modules (2.4ghz i think, multiple channels) if you are interested in cheap RF, i have two with 50 meter rangeinfo on mouses and keyboard serial interface found here

Posted by frank26080115 11 years ago

Which Processor?

Hello everyone. I'm new here and I have a quick question about processors. I'm working on a project that requires a device to take inputs piezo buzzer elements and trigger an LED. The catch is I need a programmable chip so I can have pre-set outputs on the LEDs. I'd need something that can be rewritten (like an EEPROM) I've been thinking abuot using a PIC or a BASIC Stamp but I'd though I'd do a bit of research first.

Posted by mrpaps 11 years ago

Bullet Types and Designs

This is a place to post your various bullet types. I have included a short tutorial for what I call "Buck Shot" because it sort of has a spread of blue pieces. The other bullet is also in Gamer5's "Powerful Guns" forum topic. The other bullet isn't very special except that it has a hard impact, but it has a short range."Buck Shot"* Materials: Any Knex gun in which the ram comes almost (within 1cm) of the end. Seven (7) blue spacers (there are six (6) in the picture, though you need Seven (7)) One of those launchers that you can get in some sets and that you flick to shoot a Missile about ten feetPicture 1: MaterialsPicture 2: Cock the gun and put the launcher in the barrelPicture 3: Put the spacers in the launcher in the barrelPicture 4: A self-explanitory picture of the other bullet I mentionedPlease post any of your bullet designs and what they are good for.*I have posted this here instead of in a seperate instructable because it is too short to have it's own instructable.

Posted by Whaleman 11 years ago

A Critique

I have been visiting the Instructables site religiously for quite some time now and have only recently registered for one sole purpose; to rate Instructables. And here’s why - I enjoy opening my Google homepage with new Instructables listed in my RSS feed all throughout the day. That is, until recently. Understanding the "be nice" policy, I still believe this comment is constructive and purposeful. In my opinion, while the recent "Wallet" contest has ushered in a new level of participation and activity, the quality of Instructable projects has severely suffered. I still hold many of the quality projects displaying technically savvy and resourceful methods in high esteem. These projects prove functionality, creativity, quality and pride of craftsmanship. Ultimately, for those who value this site, it's legitimacy and credibility, I would ask of its members to please consider the aforementioned in regard to your project. Thank you.

Posted by digitizelife 11 years ago

Solve any computer hardware problem

Solve any computer hardware problem Hi, I am sandip golani a Chip-Level Engineer, Engaged in repairing of computer and paripherals since last 20 years. I am also imparting chip-level training. If you have any problem related to computer hardware or chip level repair work feel free to mail me. my website is visit and mail me the feedback. thanks Sandip Golani

Posted by sandipgolani 11 years ago

Phone vibrations?

I was looking to start a new project, and I need some help. Does anyone know anything about tiny electronic vibrators, such as the ones found in phones? What are they called? Where can I get some? I try searching for info on google and stuff, but, searching up vibrators just doesn't really give me what I'm trying to find... if ya know what I mean, its just all the wrong kind of information. Thanks in advance for any help

Posted by The_K-man 11 years ago

Re-Make: a 24 hour elecronics build party

The Alameda Computer Resource Center is throwing a 24 hour build party at their warehouse in Berkeley, CA this saturday April 29th. Check out the upcoming event listing for more info. Should be a good time - free food and drinks sponsored by Make Magazine and Digg.

Posted by numberandom 11 years ago

Tech Poetry/Haiku

This thread will be dedicated to Tech-related poems, or poems of any sort... just tie it into something Instructables-related, somehow...Here's my work of art!Batteries...It seems as if I'm always waiting....waiting for the batteries to chargewaiting for the batteries to chargeand waiting for the batteries to charge again.It's too bad I'm never waiting for the batteries to die,there seems to be much less of that.-Josh Gordonson

Posted by T3h_Muffinator 11 years ago

If you are having trouble with the Instructables website, try using Firefox

Officially, we support Firefox, IE6, and IE7. Unofficially, everyone here uses the site on a daily basis with Firefox. If there are bugs specific to another browser, we often won't notice them right away. This is particularly true of Safari, where lots of things are known not to work. So, if you are having trouble with something (uploading images, operations within your library), try doing the same thing with Firefox and confirm that it's not a browser specific bug. Thanks for your patience as we aim to make everything work perfectly all the time!

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago


Have you ever noticed that people keep making 1 shot front-loading knex guns without feeders or clips, it's like using muskets when we have full semi autos and repeaters, stop it please don't! Even if it can rip through cardboard, they are still one shot guns. try designing better guns and stop thinking that a one shot gun with nooo improvements is going to impress people. It only clogs up the site causing it hard to read the good stuff. Anyway I love knex and back in the good old days nobody built to many bad guns, now a whole lot of people are making block trigger front loading guns, try using existing designs and improve them but there's not much to improve with these simple tube,block,stick and rubber band projectile launchers!!!!! To sum it up, no more Killerk or your name here copies

Posted by hobo lord 11 years ago

Spatial Reality? Yeah, I rule at that.

But do you? Check out these puzzles to see. 3D puzzles

Posted by fungus amungus 11 years ago

Interesting/cheap art projects

Hey, I'm an art/crafts director for a summer camp and I'm trying to think of fun projects for 2nd-12th grade students. Inner city boys makes it really hard to come up with "cool" things. Any ideas? I am put on a very limited budget but have tons of odds and ends. I have done this for 2 years and I get frustrated b/c I want the kids to have fun and make interesting useable projects and a lot of times they don't.

Posted by hethlee 11 years ago

Win Instructables stickers and a patch by voting in the Wallet Challenge!

Don't have a wallet to share in the DIY Wallet Challenge? That's OK, you can help us judge! Head over to the Wallet Challenge Group, check out the Instructables, and click the "+" sign in the upper right to vote for your favorites. From all the people that vote, we'll randomly choose 5 users to win Instructables stickers and a patch! See how the Instructables currently stack up:Most pageviewsHighest ratingYou can vote for multiple Instructables, but for the sticker and patch drawing, multiple votes won't give you a higher chance of winning.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

Win Instructables stickers and a patch by voting in the Wallet Challenge!

Don't have a wallet to share in the DIY Wallet Challenge? That's OK, you can help us judge! Head over to the Wallet Challenge Group, check out the Instructables, and click the "+" sign in the upper right to vote for your favorite. From all the people that vote, we'll randomly choose 5 users to win Instructables stickers and a patch! You can vote for multiple Instructables, but for the sticker and patch drawing, multiple votes won't give you a higher chance of winning.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

Knex Wallet-Gun

I'm really blown away by both the volume and the staggering complexity of knex guns on Instructables. I'm almost equally blown away by the proliferation of outstanding wallet craft. Has anybody brought these two remarkable, and inexhaustable, media together yet, in the form of a KNEX (GUN) WALLET?

Posted by bentm 11 years ago

How to Popularize your Instructable

I added a section called Popularizing your Instructable to the How to make a Great Instructable Instructable. Some of the tips there will surely be useful to those of you trying to get your wallets noticed.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago


So, what is your plan, what plan are you executing, or what was your plan? (not yet in college, in college, graduated) Just curious. I want to go to The Art Institutes or University of Florida for a bachelors in fine arts or business, and then go to Brooks in California for my masters in photography.

Posted by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago

Instructables Club for School?

Hey everyone, I am in high school, and I was just thinking it would be quite fun to have an Instructables club in our high school. I was just wondering if I have permission from the Instructables staff to start a club, because of all the copywright and whatnot. I was thinking of having annual contests, and the winners could get an Instructables Leatherman or something like that. I was also thinking of having the joined users from my school make a group to gather all of our ideas. Maybe the contestant in the contests could join our group and submit their Instructable, and the leaders of our club could decide a winner. Is this is good idea? And do I have permission? Suggestions are always welcome! Oh yea, when everyone sees use walking around in Robot-T-shirts, who wouldn't want to join? -Thanks -Brennn10

Posted by Brennn10 11 years ago

What OS are you running?

What operating system are you running right now? Im running mac 10.4.9 and Ubuntu linux.

Posted by iman 11 years ago

How do I collect the oxygen from the reaction of hydrogen peroxide and manganese dioxide?

I believe that the reaction between the black, powdery manganese dioxide found within carbon-zinc batteries, and household-variety hydrogen peroxide produces oxygen. However, it is my understanding that oxygen is heavier than air, and will therefore that collecting the gas will not be as simple a matter as seen in steven07's Instructable on producing and collecting hydrogen.Unless I'm completely wrong, and a reaction that produces oxygen will inflate the balloon. :POr, does anyone else have another way of collecting the gas?

Posted by carbon 11 years ago

if i change it, will the hits get deleted

I have a picture of my instructables, if i cahnge the main picture will the amount of views i had be started over?

Posted by suggsugg 11 years ago

Unable to upload pictures

Hi, I managed to upload two pictures earlier on, but this does not seem to be working anymore. The pictures seem to be uploading, but they don't show in my image bank. Sadly, this means I've had to publish my paper wallet instructable as is, without much needed pictures :-( Also, the whole site appears to have slowed down to a crawl...

Posted by sam noyoun 11 years ago

New firing methods

Post your ideas on how to make more rapid-firing guns and new ways to fire

Posted by Professor Tor Coolguy 11 years ago


For some reason whenever i go into an instructable the pictures arnt working can anyone help/explain that?

Posted by ich bin ein pyro 11 years ago

Ravens are Smart

Check out this article for a really neat description of how and why ravens are smart. Basically, it's a great trait for a scavenger to evolve- they need intelligence and what amounts to a rather sneaky form of empathy to snitch lots of food from predators and hide it from their fellow ravens. Good stuff.Ravens can toboggan, ride other animals and spy on their enemies. Their life as cadgers stealing prey from wolves, eagles and bears has made them outstandingly intelligent.

Posted by canida 11 years ago

Paris, France, Francophone, BIENVENUE !

Bonjour a tous et a toutes (y a t il des filles sur instructables?) ! Bienvenue sur le groupe instructables en francais !, pas d'accents aigus et graves ni de ministere de l'identite nationale mais pourquoi pas un groupe instructables ! Rejoignez le groupe !Vous etes les bienvenu/es pour poster des "instructibles" en francais, creole, kanak ...Et invitez vos amis ici ! Plus on est de fou ...Et d'ailleurs, quand nous serons suffisament de membres, allons boire un petit coup ensemble !A bientot !

Posted by cesar harada 11 years ago

I'm new and looking for projects and ideas

Hi Just came acrosss the site todays looks great I am sure I will spend many hours (too many?) on the site reading the postings and adding some of my own. I am very inetersted in renewable energy and spreading the use to help reduce climate change. I run three websites in my spare time wher I make a very small amount of money and hopefully spread information and ultimately help in the battle against climate change. I would be inetersted in feedback on my sites. I wiould be happy also to post up some projects in ebook format for members. I am also looking for projects to add to my sites - could I buy these from people? Hope I haven't offenbded anyone with this post or broken any rules? Warm regards richard - information site with free information and downloads - book and ebook shop with some free ebooks - free to use auction and classified site - like ebay but free

Posted by onetoremember 11 years ago

Underwater Explosions

Let me start this question/thread by saying I live in the middle of the boondocks and have no worries of any legal repercussions for my actions. Regardless, I am lazy, and am looking for an easy way to make an underwater explosive for fishing purposes. If anyone could tell me how, it would be well appreciated. I just want to blow the fish out the water, then row around in my boat, and pick them up.

Posted by Incineration_Prophecy 11 years ago


Hello I'm a new user would anyone like an instructable on how to produce hydrogen in your own home?

Posted by steven07 11 years ago

Why didn't it show?

So I made this instructable: know it sometimes takes a bit to show up under recent instructables...but why isn't it showing in this group? Same reason?

Posted by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago

Film Adhesion? (How do I get old camera reel film to stick to itself in a clean way?)

I need some kind of clear glue to get old camera film, the kind you find on reels, to stick together. I was thinking of finding a volatile solvent and pouring that over two pieces on top of each other. Anyone know what old camera film dissolves in?? Thanks, -Josh

Posted by T3h_Muffinator 11 years ago

Is this a real video?

I found this( video on Youtube. Is it real? If it is I will probably make an instructable out of it.

Posted by dogsrcool2me 11 years ago


...a purse count? :P

Posted by Dzwiedziu 11 years ago

Verizon Phone help

I need help picking out a new phone(has to work with Verizon). I wish Verizon had J2ME. Any suggustions(not over $200) dollars.

Posted by dogsrcool2me 11 years ago


Arrrrrrgh! Dial-up sucks! I can't watch anything on YouTube, play games online, or download anything! It makes me want to cry and slit my computer cables with an like an emo! By the way, I have dial-up because I live outside of the nearest town, and the cables don't go to out-of-town. And wireless sucks and is extremely expensive.

Posted by Aeshir 11 years ago

How-To: "Kill" yourself by not getting enough sleep...

I'm just wondering if anyone else in high school (specifically junior year) is frequently pulling all nighters to get their work done, and essentially "dying" from the process. I am in serious sleep deprivation now, and I'm pretty sure that my eyes are going to implode....

Posted by T3h_Muffinator 11 years ago

Making a plug-in stereo a bit more portable

Hey folks! Here's what I'm looking to do: Critical Mass is coming in a few days, and I think it could use some tunes to get the party bumping. I'm got a dandy bike trailer of my own creation, and a decent subwoofer-plus-two-speakers stereo system. The problem is combining the two to make mobile musical magnificence. The power brick for the stereo lists its output as 15VDC, 3A. I want to know what my options are. Could I just string 10 AA batteries together in series? What if I use a car battery? What is the tolerance for voltage variation; i.e., if I get a 13V power supply, is it likely to still work? Do I need to consider any factors besides the total voltage being supplied? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Posted by Merlmabase 11 years ago

Cheapest LEDs?

Where's the cheapest place to get assorted 5mm LEDs? I can get 100 for $8 including shipping, but those are just one color... Any other places?

Posted by perkinsb1024 11 years ago


Hey Londoners ! Let's meet ! It would be great that we meet sometimes in october (I'm coming to London in October) in a pub in London for example, or in someone's workshop, and discuss about inventions and why not building something together ! Let's have a good meal and discussion ! Who is interested for that ? Early october, in London huh ?

Posted by cesar harada 11 years ago

Whole slew of projects

If anyone is in the mood for a project, or just want to get some good ones made to help jazz up the site a bit, head on over to . I am going to make the treadle lathe this summer if I have time as I want to learn how to do wood turning.

Posted by Corvidae 11 years ago

Any use for 17" lcd laptop screen??

I had an old laptop that broke in two.. i.e. the screen in one piece and the keyboard section in another. I just wanted to know if there was any project i could use the 17" lcd screen for?? i am a complete novice when it comes to electronics but having looked at some of the projects on here it has inspired me to do something of my own. So if anyone has any ideas for me please get back. Basically the i have a screen and one "wire" coming out of it.

Posted by indestruactable 11 years ago

Cool collection of tech related videos, lots of make-able projects

You'll need a high end connection to the net and a decent computer to watch theseI esp like this, looks simple enough to make: Glass table with dark liquid and sheet of latex over the top of that, light underneath...

Posted by radiorental 11 years ago

pedal powered tractor

I'm no designer but here's an idea I've been stewing on for some time. I've hunted but not found any designs for a pedal powered tractor. The very early tractors were very large;could to lots of work; but they only had 2 or 3 horsepower. They ran so slow you could count the piston strokes. The designs were simple and they were work horses. Our new high horse powered gas tools often cann't do nearly as much. The old machines used heavy flywheels; slow to start but they kept on rolling. With the improvements we've made in bike gearing systems why not make a pedal powered tractor that could do serious work with that same heavy flywheel technology?

Posted by Michael Fletcher 11 years ago