Is it just me or what?

Is it just med that has problem posting comment? all i get is view the "all steps" function when i try and reply or post a brand new comment. //EDIT// This is the only way i can talk to ppl here now for some reason i cant post any new comment anywhere

Posted by Brother_Bear 11 years ago

converting a 9v dc adapter to 18.5?

I just recently got a free laptop from a friend who's dad didn't need anymore, and it dosn't have a power cord to charge the battery. I'm dieing to turn it on and see if it works so if anyone knows who to convert a 9v dc adapter to 18.5 if it's even possible.

Posted by CowGuy 11 years ago

For all uninformed people and glassware users

Because it wasn't instructable material, but needed to be said, i put it up as a thread now this can happen to anyone... ok only amatures but still, and maybe non-amatures *cough cough*. What not to do with glassware: First of all after heating glassware do not-- Cool it quickly Put pressure on it Touch it when boiling or heating liquids do not-- Cap you container Insert anything that may block the gas escape Now i know you thinking that this is common sense which for some people is true but i don't need the next generation of destructible chemists with sliced up faces and hands (*coMugh coEugh*) It can happen to non amatures who just got accidentally careless, i just had a test tube with water, potassium perchlorate, sodium hydroxide, iron, iron oxide, and a little bit of ethyl alcohol blow up on me and yes you can call me an idiot

Posted by master-of-chaos 11 years ago

remote control for the computer

I'm wondering if there is a way to use the usb as a input port for IR remote control with the instead of using an IR through the serial port. maybe modify those cheapie keyboard/mouse combos?

Posted by roncon55 11 years ago

Donate to Instructables?

Hey all, I was just wondering if there was any system in place to donate to Instructables. Maybe you can choose to be a subscriber, and maybe get extra features or something along those lines. The Instructables staff works long and hard to keep the site up and running, and I feel it might be cool if there could be donations to Instructables. Just a thought -Brennn10

Posted by Brennn10 11 years ago

Steven M. Greer releases UFO photographs!

Steven M. Greer releases UFO photographs! is my first post here, so i hope its ok ... i thought the UFO pictures would be cool to share, dunno could just be me though heh (:OP

Posted by nbgoku 11 years ago

Greetings & Salutations...

Hi, I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself before I jump into posting. I tried to find an appropriate thread with no luck, so here we are. I'm SaM HiLL and I live for hacking and modding and rock n roll. I've posted my first instructable, DIY Midi Continuous Controller Pedal and would appreciate any comments. Lots of great stuff buried on this site. Fortunately, I'm used to wading through crap up to my knees in search of gems :o) Look forward to meeting some of you.SaM HiLL

Posted by SaM HiLL 11 years ago

oddest question you will hear today

Take a small gasoline powered leafblower (say, 3hp), put a hose on the blower end, and connect the hose to the air filter, how much of a horse power increase can i expect?

Posted by frank26080115 11 years ago

Knex Bows(Not Crossbows)

I was looking for a design for a knex bow.(for a play at school)lol I made a rubber band bow, but I want to try to make a real string bow for school and battle bow for home. Any ideas?

Posted by Knexagon 11 years ago

LED Flashlight help

Ok, so I bought a PC board from radioshack and I want to make an LED flashlight out of it. The PC Board, is the smaller one that can be split into two. I plan on using either 4 white 10mm LEDs, or 10 5mm LEDs. Either way, I want to make a flashlight out of them using this PC board. There is an Instructable for a bike light using a PC board, but I cannot seem to understand the way the circuit runs. So my questions are: 1) Where do I put the LEDs in on the PC board? 2) Where should I plug in my voltage source. (3 Volts) Thanks -Brennn10

Posted by Brennn10 11 years ago

Stripping altoids tins

I've tried paint stripper, nail polish remover, I'm reduced to a scotch brite pad. Anyone know an easy way to get the paint off?

Posted by Tool Using Animal 11 years ago

firefox bug?

I recently ventured to instructables using firefox and i couldnt see a main picture on any page. icould see the little tumbnails and the bottom but when clicked didnt do any thing. so i went and fired up ie seeing it working fine. i still dont get it i tried everything like disabling my extensions but still nothing. please help me if you can. ps i couldnt clickany buttons i mean the one with the orange font.

Posted by toulvus 11 years ago

Other LED Flashlight projects on the web...

CandlePower Forums is a set of forums about assorted types of lights. Mostly flashlights of various sorts, including a great deal of info on LED flashlights and battery performance in flashlights.Anyway, I found there this set of postings that make up a very nicely done ("Instructable class") tutorial on how to build a two-led light with "night glow" feature (several different versions, actually.) Worth checking out!

Posted by westfw 11 years ago

Convert A Road Bike

Is it possible to convert a road bike to make it more touring friendly/comfortable? Changing handle bars, tires etc? I'll post a photo of my bike tomorrow.

Posted by janesbigdream 11 years ago

Is it safe to use a microwave for small aluminum melts?

Seeing as how I have a spare microwave, and I've heard of people doing melts in a household microwave, I though that I'd try it myself.What do I need to add so that I don't destroy the microwave?"From a hardware store on Fourth Street, I bought a silicon carbide sharpening stone and 3 pounds of tin/silver plumber's solder; from Macy's, I purchased a microwave-safe casserole dish and a stainless-steel measuring cup; and at Williams-Sonoma, I found a cute cast-iron cornbread fish mold and a pair of long-cuff leather grilling gloves. " - PopSci's Theo GrayA good source of silicon carbide? A better material? (I don't even understand its purpose here).

Posted by carbon 11 years ago

airsoft + vex robot

Ok i have avex robotics kit right. and i want to put a airsoft gun on it. the robot now is like a 4 weeled car. and i have a place to mount and stuff but i dont know how to make it fire by remote control of any kind. First i tried the little controller tht my sercos plugg in thinking tht when i press the accelerator it would send a signal to the servo at tht time but its not like tht. Its is wierd it has a constant voltage and the servo sorts out when it gets fm signal to move. Also is there a way i can use a wirless xbox controller the old ones?? OR ANY OTHER IDEAS PLEASE HELP?!!

Posted by fretmelter 11 years ago

Crazy Idea

I was cleaning out my dresser draw and i found a package of engines that you put i model rockets and i said what the hell lets combine knex and rockets engines.I have just designed a rocket car out of knex i am hoping to see if it works in the next week if it does i will post it. For a fact i know some peices will get melted when the engine blows at the end of the cycle. I just wanted to get your comments

Posted by RunningBrave 11 years ago

HELP- need a design for an "automatic closing chicken door"

Need a "freelance circuit designer" the idea is a light sensitive switch which once the sun went down could close a sliding chicken door.. i'm thinkin it would just slide a release which would let the "guilitene" style door slide closed. i just need someone to build it... help

Posted by juntius 11 years ago

LED Light for videography

How would one go abobut making a light panel for videography lighting? There's a company already making these - but prices are unaffordable. An instructable for a 1x1ft panel would be awesome! (See: - or google lite panels.I love Dan's RGB light! Would be great for lighting backdrops!

Posted by jkd 11 years ago

A little help with an infra red remote

Hi I'm trying to build a infra red remote control & receiver to simply switch power on for launching model rockets & other pyrotechnic devices. So far here is the schematic I've come up with so far. I was wondering if it would work or if there was another component needed.. (sorry I am not good with electronics yet) Like an IC? All that would be needed is for the power to be switched on, no off would be needed. Please help me out and lets discuss it.

Posted by owenthelostboy 11 years ago

BB Guns in U.K

Hi everyone, i was looking to buy a decent CO2 bb gun, of which i found many, but always had the same problem. No American store would ship to UK. I looked everywhere at many stores, but all said the same that they shipped to USA only. The selection of guns we have in Britain are poor(as far as i've seen) and very expensive, and i have a budget of about $100 or £50. Could anyone recommend me how to get round this, and/or show me good guns available to U.K. All help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, ronmcd

Posted by ronmcd 11 years ago

Electrical Equipment

Zhejiang Tuanjie Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. mainly manufactures transformer production. It’s main products including Low Voltage Current Transformer,High Voltage Transformer,Transformer,Panel Meter,Switching Power,Electrical Accessories, etc.Company Name: Zhejiang Tuanjie Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd.Add:#28 linyun Road,Dongfeng industry zone,liushi,yueqing,zhejiang P.R 325604 ChinaTel : 0086-577-27821888 Fax :0086-577-62781000 Email:trade@transformerfactory.comMSN:bethy282@hotmail.comWeb site:

Posted by transformerfactory 11 years ago

NYC Show & Tell, Wednesday, 4/25

Missed the Show & Tells last month? Here's your chance to hit another one in NYC and pick up your Robot sticker!From Phil Torrone's post on the MAKE blog:On Wednesday 4/25 we will have another "MAKE night" at our offices @ Etsy in Brooklyn, NY! Join us (MAKE/CRAFT), Etsy, Peter Kirn (Create Digital Music), Instructables, Popular Science and more for a night of paper projects!You can bring any project you want, but paper is our theme. As always, it's show and tell - there won't be presentations. Think of it as an informal science fair!MAKE will have our drawbot and you can get your picture draw by a real live robot (well, alive for a robot). We will have a paper airplane contest (feel free to bring ones you've made ahead of time). We'll also have paper plate sculpture building, music made from paper with Peter Kirn and old Popular Science archives.So join us! Just RVSP (not required but helpful!) to - rsvp@etsy.comApril 25th, 2007MAKE @ Etsy Labs, 325 Gold Street, 6th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201Map - Link.If there is interest, we may also do a late night game of werewolf - are you a villager or a wolf? Only one way to find out.

Posted by canida 11 years ago

Lost Gps Signal

I want to map out a mountain bike trail with lots of trees and valleys. I can't get a signal with my GPS. Any suggestions to boost the range?

Posted by dogsrcool2me 11 years ago

Electrical switch

I was wondering if theirs a type of simple cheep switch that would do this: electricity is turned on, a switch completes a second circuit but when original electricity is turned off the second circuit stays on. The first circuit gets power from an outlet but the second circuit runs on a battery But in diagram (I used paint it's the best I can do) I have both running on batteries. Dose any one know of an electrical component that would do this? Or is their any way I could build one for cheep? Thank you.

Posted by i make shooting things 11 years ago

****kool knex site****


Posted by assasin 11 years ago

Button pusher

I want to build a device that can push a button (such as keyboard, cell phone button, etc) with approximately the same force as a human would once every few seconds automatically. I've done a search, but haven't found a project like this. Has anyone published anything along these lines?

Posted by baggers 11 years ago

Marshmellow guns

Hey, im new to instructables blah blah blah......yeh iv recently made a marshmellow gun but am really unsatisfied by the firing mechanism...blowing through a pipe is rather i was wondering if anyone could put an instructable on how to make a trigger mechanism or something which could extend its range, accuracy and velocity.....

Posted by scarecrow 11 years ago

Smoke bombs that explode on contact

My idea is as followshave an outer layerthen inside that is a layer of a shock reactant chemical or substancethen another very thin shellthen the inner core of a regular sugar & potassium nitrate smoke bombthe way it works is the bomb will hit the ground causing the first chemical to react then that ignites the smoke bomb which will make smoke billow out a designated holemy example and original idea includes Nitrogen Triiodide and the regular smoke bomb mixtureps. if you want to know how to make these things go to for nitrogen triiodide for the smoke bomb

Posted by master-of-chaos 11 years ago

Cardboard Furniture

May be inspirational(?)

Posted by lemonie 11 years ago

BoomBox Soundsystem

I have been wanting to build a soundsystem from old boomboxes, I wanted to get some help on wiring it up...I feel somebody must have done something like this before somewhere, but I did searched the net and couldn't find anything. Any HElp???? Thanks

Posted by flite 11 years ago

portable audio mixer

Hey everybody I had a little idea but i am not so good in this sort off things is it possible to make an portable audio mixer on batteries for mixing with 2 mp3-players if someone has an idea can he tell me how to make this it should be great because I always play music with my friends but it should be nice if we can mix music (I am sorry for my bat English I am from belguim) Sompie

Posted by sompie 11 years ago

The Kaye effect, with lasers

Nice video explanation of the Kaye effect. Seems simple enough to setup.

Posted by radiorental 11 years ago

help identifying a part...

Hey! im trying to get myself more into electronics... and im starting to repair an old electric organ (i dont care if its not really worth repairing, im happy to do it for the sake of it) but i came across some big scary things! lol... i think they are mica capacitors, they are definately the right size and shape... but the whole thing is coloured with horizontal stripes (some sort of colour coding) but i can find no reference to this anywhere! please help me! if anyone wants i can sort out a photo for you ;) cheers

Posted by Quinns 11 years ago

Wht about THis??

ThisDoes anyone else realy like this i think that it should be added

Posted by kiwi_soccer_maniac 11 years ago

Be conservative

I don't mean take a right-wing political viewpoint as much as i mean be careful what you put in this group. Remember, if the book is published, we want it to have the best, the most interesting, the most rewarding instructables in it, not something that looks good but lacks any real understanding or depth, Quality of pictures, grammar and spelling should also be important. Furthermore, i don't think we should post our own instructables over anyone elses instructables. All the instructables here should be subjected to scrutiny and examined thoroughly before being posted. Don't just add your own instructables just because YOU think they're cool. Kiteman started this group so ultimately it's he who decides what can stay and what can go, but if we're careful in choosing a selection of good instructables over a wide variety of categories (K'nex contraptions, fun with LEDs, iPod hacks, etc.) then we won't need to leave anything behind. An example of a bad instructable is my own scalpel. Limited instructions for a very simple project. Bad piccers and spelling. That's the sort of thing we need to keep out. V

Posted by Vendigroth 11 years ago

Instructables forms a partnership with IKEA Hacker

Instructables is very pleased to announce that we've formed a partnership with IKEA Hacker. Jules, who runs IKEA Hacker, is a new member of the site, and I expect we'll see great things of her and the IKEA Hacker community.This is a great chance for Instructables users to gain even more exposure, and for IKEA Hackers everywhere to show the world how they do things. (IKEA-esque stick figure drawing encouraged, but by no means required.) Every Instructable added to the IKEA Hacks group will be syndicated to IKEA Hacker.Please extend the IKEA Hacker folks a warm welcome to the site.

Posted by jeffreyf 11 years ago

Copied Instructables

Maybe this post could have stayed in the topic of Instructables Etiquette so call me redundant ;).Anyways, is it considered poor taste to repeat an Instructable of another person? I found an instructable that is exactly what I'm working on but I've found the said posting could have been better presented. Granted the posted reassured me the project is feasible but their 7 pages of instructions with two pictures could have been easily condensed into one page. In making a copy Instructable I would not hesitate in giving credit and link of the original person. Anything thoughts?

Posted by crickle321 11 years ago

Slicing up books for art

I cut up some books before, but didn't know that others were so into it, various artistsGeorgia RussellRobert TheMy dissected book

Posted by fungus amungus 11 years ago

any one knoe how to make a really good homeaid caffine drink

Bascily i need something to keep me gameing all night long any one have a recipe for a simple maby not so simple drink that taste good and can keep u awake.. i checked the food part i didt really like the pixi drink it dosent look so good.

Posted by flapjack the mouse 11 years ago

I am becoming Apple Certified Technician(any tips?)

I am becoming a Apple Certified Desktop Technician (ACDT) and a Apple Certified Portable Technician (ACPT) any pointers or tips for the test?

Posted by dogsrcool2me 11 years ago

Avert your eyes, it's too beautiful to behold

It being my shiny new Leatherman, thanks Squidlabs, Eric, Canida and those whom thought my project worthy of a vote. BTW notice the problem? I had it engraved with my wife's pseudo user name, now I don't want to give it to her. Also, the pic doesn't do the cool orange color justice.

Posted by Tool Using Animal 11 years ago

Cheap tools that will get you started.

This forum is to transfer ideas about what tools to use when getting started blacksmithing. Everybody has to start with some tools and the cheaper, the better.

Posted by Ferrite 11 years ago

Web 2.0 Expo Ignite Talk: Budding engineers design, build, and share their rubberband-powered creations on Instructables

On Sunday, April 15th at the Web 2.0 Expo Ignite session, Christy gave a great 5-minute talk titled "K'Nex Guns: Open-Source Hardware on Instructables: Everyone wants open-source hardware, but how do we get there? A group of K'Nex gun-building kids has actually done it on Instructables; I'll explain how." It was fun, people liked it, and she was asked to give it again today during the Wednesday Keynote presentations of the Web 2.0 Expo.In light of tragic events at Virgina Tech, we wanted to reaffirm our message and ensure that no one mistakes it as glorifying violence. The community that has formed around rubberband-powered K'Nex guns is a positive community. They are using their energy to build, document, collaborate, and share their ideas. They help, support, and encourage each other. They innovate on each others designs, and are meticulous about sharing the credit. These are great qualities we respect and encourage. So, we ask you to look beyond the surface and past the rubberband-powered guns to what's beneath. The users' gun fascination will fade with age, but the underlying positive qualities instilled by this community will not. The skills they're building here are exactly those required for a successful engineer, and for a responsible, mature member of the innovation community. We're against violence, but for innovation and design and creativity.One of the chief reasons we started Instructables was because we saw a community growing and thriving around open-source designs for kitesurfing. The K'Nex community is very similar and grew organically, so we wanted to highlight it and share our insight into it. Check out the slides from Christy's talk, here in the attached PDF, and links to some of the things mentioned:The longer user-innovation talk that this talk is based on.KILLERK's K'NEX GUNtoulvus's Making 3d knex models using mlcadmepain's knex tripwire, huge knex crossbow, and XW30K 8-1/2 cm shot ShifleMost Innovative K'nex Gun Design Contestoodalumps's Knex Machine GunTrainman 2000's The VORTEXInnovative Knex Guns groupNo guns K'Nex groupThe K'Nex projects are impressive and inspiring, but Instructables is the platform for for a wide variety of great projects and ideas. Check out some of the other projects on our site: We have other great communities building around bikes, boat building, homemade gifts, micro-controllers, recipes, recycled materials, and many more. Join in, learn something, and share your knowledge with the community. Enjoy your time here on Instructables.Added: Thanks to Fumi Yamazaki for letting me link to her video, which includes a brief hello to her Japanese audience (taken at the end of the conference) then a little bit of my talk

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

Portable Audio System, I need Help Making Scematics!

I'm a little stuck here, I obviously don't do circuitry work every day, but I do know what is what. I have a lawnmower battery, and a set of both a 9 volt operated pair of computer speakers, and a 15 volt subwoofer set. I was planning on using the subwoofer set initially, but it sucks a lot with it going through the inverter and whatnot, rather inefficient. I was trying to find scematics for a simple circuit to power the speakers without going through the inverter.

Posted by Punkguyta 11 years ago


HI everyone, im from australia so bb guns are not redily available, but i want 1. i have an idea on how i would go about making 1 but im not sure if it would work or not. iv got a picture so if anyone has made 1 or could tell me how to make it work it would be greatly appreciated!!

Posted by MITTZ 11 years ago

Global warming is real. Argue with me, I dare you!

I have a debate coming up in religion class on global warming. Would anyone like to try and convince me that global warming is NOT real? Any help would be appreciated. (Plus: I always love demolishing someone's argument with my Hammer of Peer-Reviewed Articles). :P

Posted by carbon 11 years ago

List of what topic the instructables go under.

The list of topics and the instructables that go under them for the book. > Instructables: Food Hacks: > Instructables: iPod Mods: > Instructables: Fun with Plumbing Supplies: > Instructables: Electronics: > Instructables: Magnetism: > Instructables: Lovable Hacks: > The PopSci Instructables:

Posted by dogsrcool2me 11 years ago

Mechanical Bucking Rodeo Bull

Hey everyone, does anyone have plans or know a website that explains how to make your own mechanical bucking bull? Doesn't have to be as complicated as a proper one, just something to have a bit of fun on, and not too expensive to make. Thanks!

Posted by tapdogs1 11 years ago

Printing to scale.

I often want to print a diagram to scale. Often times the diagram is also larger then the sheetof paper. ( A sample diagram is at: If you want to see other similar diagrams you can look at: not all the diagrams I want to print are boomerangs.I am using Debian Etch, Cups, Gimp to modify the images which I save as postscript then print via lpr.My printer is a Lexmark Optra E312L, which can handle both pcl6 and postscript.I print the diagram once, measure something and figure the scaling factor. I then use Gimp to scale.Sometimes I just save and print sometimes, sometimes I break it up into overlapping parts and print.In either case the result is the same. Either the diagram gets shrunk to 1/4 it's size ( even though I blew it up), or the daigram it off by a bit, no matter how I tweak. it seems not to be predictable either. Worse when I try to line up two overlapping printouts the size don't match, so I can't really join them.Can someone show how to use Gimp, cups and a postscript printer to print something to scale. From everything i read I should be able to do it, but I guess there is some piece of software in the process thatis saying "Guy is too stupid to print it up right, I have to rescale for him".

Posted by BoomGuy 11 years ago