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I just don't see some of the data. Answered

I manage MySQL databases. And this was not difficult before. But now I tried many thoughts and ideas how to solve the complexity, but didn't correct the problem. I can't access the amount of data due to the complexity of the program. And I can't understand what to do about it.



This is a unique method mysql recovery:

Step 1. Login to your MySQL server using
Secure Shell (SSH).

Step 2. Repairing MyISAM mySQL

cd /var/lib/mysql/DBNAME

myisamchk -r -f tables.MYI

Please note that MyISAM is a default storage
engine of MySQL, unless you change it. Mostly MyISAM is set as default engine
to check and repair all the tables in the mysql database.

Once I couldn't know how to restore onenote
after computer restore by manuals, my friend suggested to read these articles



I have no idea how to answer your question, but I am sure that even MySQL experts will need more details than that.

Gee, I hope that wan't a real on-the-job question.