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Metal has been worked by humans for thousands of years. Over time, the techniques and technology used to produce and shape metal goods have been driven by the innovations of science and technology.

Before we dive into some of the technical processes available for welding metal together, let's first take a moment to define a weld. A weld is a fabrication process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by fusion. Fusing materials is distinctly different than other kinds of lower temperature metal-joining techniques such as soldering, which do not melt the base metal.

Metal welding is the fusing of two pieces of metal to create one solid continuous piece. All welders work on the same principle: A gas torch or electric welder is used to generate precisely directed heat to melt material, and a filler material is introduced by the operator to complete the fusion.

As these processes became more accessible, we've come so far that you - yes YOU! - can learn how to weld easily.

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Hi! I'm Audrey Love, an artist, fabricator, and baker residing in Los Angeles, CA. I received my BFA in Studio Art from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2011 with an emphasis in digital media, sculpture, and photography. My intersectional art practice has pushed me to learn skills such as welding, woodworking, and electronics - and I'm still hungry for new skills all the time. When not working on Instructables projects, you can find me camping, hiking, and dancing all over the world.

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Lesson 1: Welding Tools and Materials

This lesson goes over common tools for welding metal, as well as a complete list of consumable materials needed for this class.

Lesson 2: Beginning to MIG Weld

Finally, we're welding! In this lesson, we'll set up our MIG welder for use, and practice making a few weld beads.

Lesson 3: Welding Joints and Beyond

You'll encounter lots of different kinds of cuts and joints when assembling parts for welding. This lesson goes over how to cut down stock and best practices for making welded joints.

Now that you have the skills, what are you waiting for?
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