3 Different Gift Tags From One Coke Zero Box - Mothers Day/Fathers Day/50th Birthday

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I noticed a Coke Zero box in the house had some rather bright colours on it and so thought I could probably make something out of it. Gift tags were the first things to pop into my head and so I gave it a go! Please feel free to check out the video on YouTube of the process, hope you enjoy it.


Step 1: Tools and Materials Used


- Scissors

- Scalpel/craft knife

- Tweezers

- Pencil

- Black pen (Sharpie in this case)


- A Coke Zero Box

- Glue (I used UHU glue but any craft glue would do I think)

- Optional string for tag

Step 2: Mothers Day Tag

The process for all three tags is fairly simple but I'll go through them one at a time. For the Mother's Day tag I cut out a rectangular section of the black portion of the box. Using the drink divider card for the white letters, I stuck them onto the black card. After I had them in place I made a kind of branch pattern with the inside of the box which is a kind of brown colour and then cut some small red hearts from the Coke logo.

Step 3: 50th Birthday Tag

This was probably the simplest of the tags and in a bunch of simple tags, well...that's pretty simple! The 50 was cut from the black card and then stuck onto a red portion of the box. I then cut around the 50 with a scalpel to create a kind of border and stuck that onto one of the white circular parts of the drink divider. After that I realised it needed a little more so I mounted it onto some of the interior card and cut a zig zag pattern all the way around it.

Step 4: Father's Day Tag

I thought I'd give this one a brown background to try out a few different ideas. I cut a larger rectangular shape and then cut out the letters from some black card. Wanting to add a little red to the tag I made a kind of border/frame from the red parts of the box and then added some little white stars.

Step 5: Use the Tags!

All in all this was a very simple process though a little time consuming with the cutting of the letters. I think my cutting technique could be worked on however as it seems the tags are a little rough! But for now we'll put it down as "handmade charm" haha. Obviously there was still a ton of the box left and I'm sure a multitude of designs could be made and all from 100% recycled materials! (well, except the glue)

If you enjoyed that Instructable please feel free to comment and shoot your opinions and ideas my way, thanks very much!



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    Great looking gift tags. These really show that time and effort went into these gifts. Anyone would love to get one of these.

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