40 Mins One Pot Lentil Curry

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hey all,

So i put together is video mainly as i have a one of my mates coming over and we are off camping and its always good to try out a few one pot recipes that is easy to make, cheap and best of all only takes 40 mins from start to finish.

This is a sweet kind of curry and pretty much has everything in it. just add bread or naan

10 mins prep

30 mins cooking time

140g split lentils

2 onions

3 cloves of garlic

2 tbs cumin

2tbs curry powder

2 tbs tomato puree

3 sweet potatoes

half a butter nut squash ( mine came cheap ans was precut with a little extra sweet potato,)

this is the very basic recipe and can be added to, but it will take longer to cook.



Step 1:



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