Add Bling to Your Thing. (leather, Brief Cases, Phone Cases, Belts)



About: I prefer to make my own things whenever possible.

Make your plain stuff look great!

Stuff you need:
Buy "conchos" at leather shops or hobby stores (about $3-4 each)
Leather punch tool or an awl tool.


Step 1: Installation

Find center of location to mount and punch hole.

Step 2:

Place mounting screw through hole from the back.

Step 3:

Install concho from the front of the item.  Cell phone holder.

Step 4: Modeling

Darn, I'm getting fat.

Step 5:

Zoomed view

Step 6:

Fort Worth Longhorn. Cow town baby!

Step 7:

Make your briefcases look good too.  Texas Lone Star and Fort Worth Longhorn.

Step 8: Hasta La Vista Baby!

Zoomed view.

Step 9: Adios

Have fun and your feedback is appreciated.



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