Altoid Survival Kit!




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This is my version of an Altoids survival kit, I wish I could add a couple more things but need to figure a way to do it!


Step 1: My Contents

I have an array of things in here, I think all of these would help me survive! I have a survival manual, antibiotic salve, a jig, gunpowder, a bobbin with 10lb. test fishing line and lint in the middle, a SILVER quarter, four waterproof matches, a button compass, a piece of gum, sugar, pepper, sewing kit, fishing kit, a piece of "Rite in the Rain", two safety pins, two arrowheads, tin foil. copper wire, razor blade, two Aleve, First aid kit, a 1 liter stand up drinking bag, and about 5' of braided nylon rope. I also added one of those annoying birthday candles where they re-light, so if the wind blows it out, it should hopefully re-light!

Step 2: The Packing

I added the two band aids on the bottom just cuz' the fit just right! Taped the fishing kit (but the line) on the sides, added all of the flat stuff on the bottom to make it level. I put all of the odd things on the top and put the survival guide on top so it just covers everything. I think that when making an Altoids kit, you have to find your own way. I have struggled with other peoples' way. It's just kind of your thing instead of following others ideas. I also think the kit is personalized to you. Like if you need other things like meds. or what have you, it's your kit, not anybody elses.

Step 3: Show It Off!

Do whatever with it now! Shove it in your glove box, drawer, whatever you go into everyday! Just don't leave without it! Have fun and don't get lost on purpose.



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    Ok, for starters I took out the gunpowder and added two quick tinders and added two small fake worms. I did this because I actually used this surviving in the Shawnee National Forest. (I did no damage!) And found absolutely NO worms and the gunpowder went WAY too fast. I added some water purification tablets also because they fit lol. Thanks again! Logan.

    I know, it's 90% because it was minted in San Francisco and a special order thing. I used it because nobody is going to want USD because the currencies won't be worth jack and the Platinum, silver, gold, palladium are all going to be the one currency. Gold and silver are acceptable in all places you would well end up at.

    I used a high power lighter to burn the paint off and realized on both sides it out a blue and purple tunt on it and thought that coulb be used to help camouflage it too

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    4 years ago

    The arrowheads really make this distinct from the countless other Altoids survival kits

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    I was trying to make a kit that would be universal to anybody, different people have different needs. I thought of putting in like REAL genuine arrowheads instead of ones I made out of a Boy Scout popcorn tin lol. Thanks!


    4 years ago

    You could wrap the fishing line around a slim pencil like object

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