Android or Ipone Pocket Hook or Clip

About: I prefer to make my own things whenever possible.

The new phones are too big for the front pocket, and it's too dangerous to carry them in the rear pockets. To solve this problem, I designed a clip to hook the edge of my front pocket. Now my phone sits vertically in my front pocket along my leg and it swivels as my leg moves.

Step 1: Android, Iphone, Cell Phone Front Pocket Hook or Clip


Phone cover from the dollar store

Plumbers metal strap

double sided tape

Rivet, not required unless you want it to swivel

Make it:

Cut two small pieces of strap and bend one piece in the form of a hook. Rivet both pieces but don't tighten them all the way, you want them to swivel

Attached hook to phone case using double sided tape.

Enjoy your phone in your front pocket.

Update (9/9/16): made a new bracket using thin aluminum, looks better and I even engraved my initials on it



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