Apocalypse Mad Max Super Charger




I attended a small festival that was Apocalypse themed ( mainly cars ).

With not much notice I Mad-Maxed mine up with some mud and a fake supercharger.

I liked the charger so much, that now, it is permanently on my car and makes virtually all men stare at it , as I go past with either slack jawed confusion or thumbs up laughter if they get the joke.

It is ok cruising past someone but I can feel slightly foolish when stopped at traffic lights next to a crowd of people; I just try to look dignified and press the switch that makes the wheel go round.

I will make a better video to show its full glory.

Step 1: Template

This is my whip; it has a skull stuck on with magnets to give it a bit of class .. but that has got to make way for the supercharger.

I made a cardboard box to represent the charger and already I was laughing; it looks great.

Step 2: Making the Body

It was very quick . . I cut out using a guillotine ( tin snips would do also) and a bench press ( or clamp over the edge of a bench and push down).

I just tack welded the ends on.

Step 3: The Moving Parts

I had an old underpowered drill that I had not used in ten years and a big pulley wheel that I was given.

I cut the base off the drill to make it smaller and to reach the contacts; I soldered on a long lead with a switch.

I then made a cradle for the drill inside the box, cushioned with some inner tube ; and, of course, a hole for the chuck.

I didn't want to fix the pulley wheel to the bolt in the drill ; I wanted the wheel to carry on moving after the drill was off, in the same way that a gatling gun carries on spinning for a while.

Step 4:

I tried various things to represent the air scoop but none looked right . . .. the rubber tube gave a humour element and the metal plant pot gave an oval scoopy feel.

Step 5: Rusty Time

I rustified the whole thing with vinegar and stuck it on the car with some rare Earth magnets scavenged from a hard drives.

I also covered the car in mud . . it looked very cool .. um . . that's it ....



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    1 year ago

    That's pretty cool. Mel Gibson would be proud.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    thanks man . . . but I did feel a little outclassed once I got there . . .

    IMG_4930agood copy.jpg

    1 year ago

    ha I love it. I have a Nissan cube...it would be hilarious to put one on it!

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    Smart to use those magnets. These are strong!

    1 reply