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My little baymax is ready to go. Let’s go create your own now !


Step 1: Materials

What will you needs are :

- Some paper for the pattern

- Pen

- Scissors

- White and grey fabric (here I used flannel, but fleece will be better)

- Needle and string

- Polyfill stuffing

Step 2: Pattern

You can make your own pattern if you want, it’s fun :)

But if you want to use my pattern instead, you can grab it here.

Once you have the pattern, print it out, and cut every individual pieces.

Step 3: Make Fabric Pieces

- Put individual pieces onto your fabric, make the sketch on your fabric using pen.

- Cut the fabric following the sketch, but leave some space (about 3mm), similar to the image above.

Step 4: Sewing Part-1

Join all the grey part to its connecting white part just like the pattern.

Step 5: Sewing Part-2 : Make the Hand and Finger

- Sew the hand, but leave some space to flip it inside out

- Stuff the hand and close the remaining space

- For the fingers, sew the string from the front to the back of the hand, and pull it tightly. Repeat it 3 times, for baymax has 4 fingers.

Step 6: Sewing Part-3 : Sew and Stuff All the Remaining Parts

- sew and stuff the leg, body, and the head based on the pattern

Step 7: Join All the Body Part

- Join the head, hands, and legs to the body

- For the legs, you can sew it as you like, whether it's standing or sitting

Step 8: Finishing

- Make the baymax alive by adding its eyes.

- Make baymax chest decoration

And here we go, let’s take some baymax photos and share your it to your friends ;)

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    2 years ago

    That is so cute, like a me


    That is so cute. My son would love one of these. He is a major Big Hero 6 fan. I might have to try to make him one.

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