Beard Hat

You need:
Colored yarn for the hat (or a beanie type hat)
Natural colored yarn for the beard
Crochet skills
Crochet hook
Sewing machine

Step 1.

Learn to crochet.

Or just talk to your Grandma.

Step 2.

Crochet a hat. I use the pattern below. You can also use any beanie-type hat for faster results.

Hat: Adult Size

Ch – chain stitch

HDC – Half Double Crochet

2HDC – two half double crochet stitches into one stitch.  This stitch is commonly referred to as an ‘increase.’

If you don’t understand or recognize a stitch, Google it!  You’ll find lots of tutorials and walk through videos on the internet.

Create slip knot and chain 4.  Slip stitch into the first chain to create a circle.  (can also use magic loop)

Row 1:  6 HDC into circle.

Increase Rows

Rows 2-9 are called increase rows.  This means that the more increase rows you make, the larger your hat will be.  Or, the fewer increase rows you make, the smaller your hat will be.  So if you were making an infant hat, you might only use increase rows 2 through 4.  If you were to make a small child’s hat, you might only use increase rows 2-5. Or if you’re creating an adult size hat, you could need rows 2-8.  And if you wanted a very large hat, you can follow the style of the pattern by increase as much as you think necessary.

This piece of the hat will be quite flat.  You’re just trying to make your hat the size of the crown of the head.

Stitch Marker

Place Stitch Marker (can just use a short piece of yarn) after last stitch of each increase row.  Its purpose is to help you know where to stop the last row and start the next.

Row 2:  2HDC into the top of each HDC from row 1. (total 12 stitches). Remove stitch marker and place it in front of this last row.

Row 3:  *HDC into next stitch, 2HDC into next* Repeat 5 more times (total 18 stitches)

The last stitch of each of the next increase rows should be an increase (2HDC). If that’s not the case you should go back and count your stitches.

Row 4:  *HDC into each of the next two stitches, 2HDC into next* Repeat 5 more times (total 24 stitches)

Row 5:  *HDC into each of the next three stitches, 2HDC into next* Repeat 5 more times (total 30 stitches)

Row 6:  *HDC into each of the next four stitches, 2HDC into next* Repeat 5 more times (total 36 stitches)

Row 7:  *HDC into each of the next five stitches, 2HDC into next* Repeat 5 more times (total 42 stitches)

Row 8:  *HDC into each of the next six stitches, 2HDC into next* Repeat 5 more times (total 48 stitches)

Row 9:  *HDC into each of the next seven stitches, 2HDC into next* Repeat 5 more times (total 54 stitches)

Row 10:  *HDC into each of the next eight stitches, 2HDC into next* Repeat 5 more times (total 60  stitches)

This is now the end of your increasing rows.

From here forward just continue to HDC into each stitch around until your hat looks like a hat.  :)  As you continue around,  your hat will begin to look like a bowl, the inside of the hat should be pointing away from you as you crochet.

Step 3.

Crochet a beard:

Slip knot, Ch 14

Row 1:  DC in 4th chain from hook (do not count the loop around the hook).  DC in each 10 remaining chain stitches across -  equaling a total of 11 DC.  Chain 3 and Turn.

Rows 2 through 15:  DC in each stitch across equaling 11 DC, chain 3 and turn.

Count after each row to be sure there is 11 DC in each row.  This will ensure that you will have a rectangle when you’re finished.

Tie off

Make a mustache. Ch 18,  in 4th ch from hook dc in each ch across.  15dc. Sew mustache 4 dc away from each side of the hat onto the beard.

Step 4.

Sew the beard onto the hat. The first beard end should be sewn on approximately seven inches from the other.




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    9 Discussions

    iris jane

    4 years ago on Introduction

    What size needle did you use for your hat and beard? thanks. irisjane

    Wow looks awesome! It is true, you may need to make the beard bigger or smaller based on the size of your head (lol). The pattern posted is for an average young adult. I am glad you were able to make it. Be sure to vote for my entry in the sew warm challenge.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Clever and Hilarious! My nephews would LOVE these. :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is going in my "faves" list. I hate being cold, and this covers what needs covering!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm interested in creating this for an almost-4-year-old boy. I'm worried this pattern will be a bit too big for his little face and I'm pretty novice at crochet. Can you publish instructions for a child's beard and mustache? Thanks!

    1 reply

    I will try my best. On the top of my head, I would make the beard part skinnier by only doing 5 or 6 DC per row and shorter. It needs to stretch from ear lobe to ear lobe on the face of the person you are making it for. I hope that this helps.

    Thanks! It REALLY keeps you warm especially if you use a thicker or "fuzzy" yarn for the beard. If I win the "sew warm" contest, I hope to use the prize to make a sew-only version.