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This is a post-construction instructable of a bed frame I built a while ago. Sorry for not being more informative, but this should give you a good idea of how it is put together. This was about a $250, weekend project (if you factor in waiting for stain to dry). Materials needed: 2x4's (I used about 16 8 footers) 1"x16"x8' pine/oak/whatever finish you fancy (X3) 1"x6"x8' same finish wood as above. (X4) these are for your drawer sides and back Drawer backer (2) 4x8 sheets 2 1/2 inch drywall screws Drawer handles Wood stain Tools needed/recommended: Skill/circular saw Jig saw Drill Sander Brad nailer Paint brush


Step 1: Build Two Frame Sections

Depending on the size if your bed, you need to make the frame in two equal sections. My bed is a king size, so my sections were about 80"x40". The primary reason for having two sections was for portability purposes. I made a rough sketch of the frame. It is made entirely of 2x4's. I made it 4 inches longer than I needed to for when I built a headboard for it. The height of my frame is 15". You can build the frame in whatever configuration you want, just make sure there will be room for the drawers. Line the two sections up and attach them with bolts. Make this as temporary as possible since you will be removing them to move the bed in place.

Step 2: Cut Sides

You will now measure and cut the sides and make the cuts for the drawers. I started by clamping the side boards to where they are flush with the foot of the bed. I then marked where I wanted to cut the other end of the board. Keep the clamps in place and mark from the inside where the drawers will be. I used the bottom of the frame and middle support 2x4 as guides. This way the drawer has something to slide on. Once these marks are made, you can use the skill saw and plunge cut the drawer faces. Mine are 30"x9", but cut them according to your own preference. Measure the end board to fit the outsides of the side boards.

Step 3: Build Drawers

I made the drawers as simple as I could. 30x30x9. You can cut three more pieces of your 1x6 to the same 30" for your drawer sides and back. Align the sides with the drawer face so as to not exceed the 30" drawer width. Brad nail in place. I used wood glue to reinforce the joint. Repeat with the back board. Your drawer should now have three 6" sides and 9" face. Now cut a piece of backer board to the approximate 30x32 dimensions. Align and brad nail in place. Repeat this process for the next 3 drawers.

Step 4: Stain All Finish Boards

You can now sand and stain all finish boards to the stain of your choice. This is also a good time to separate your two sections of frame and move them into place.

Step 5: Assemble Parts

With frame in its final resting place, you can take the finish boards (once stain is dry) and brad nail them in place. I also added some reinforcing boards to the top of my frame for mattress support. You may also have to add some 2x4 rails for the drawers to slide on. Add drawer handles and mattress. Your finished product should look something like mine if I explained everything good enough. Feel free to ask any questions as I know this is not an appropriate instructable. I will be diligent in documenting my next build. Enjoy!



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    3 years ago

    I have always wanted to build an underbed storage for my family because I am getting real sick and tired of using bed raisers just to stuff in more things underneath there. However, I have still not been able to find the time to make proper calculations in order to estimate the weight of the bed in order for the foundation to be sturdy enough to hold it for a prolonged period of time.


    3 years ago

    I personally don't think that drawers under the bed will provide quite enough storage space in the room for me! And especially if you are renting a room, I think you'd be better off with self storage units so that you get the right amount of capacity to store things that can't fit in your room! In any case, thanks for the tutorial! It could pay off to adapt so that I can install more drawers under existing furniture in the room!


    3 years ago

    using this as a guide for my build love the two piece idea will be adding a headboard though


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I like this design. I was looking to see if something like this was available on the site to see what the guts looked like. I had figured that I would be building something in place that would never leave the room after it was constructed. Your idea for two parts is exactly the design feature that will inspire me to try to do a really good job since I CAN take it with me when I move! Thanks!!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I'm surprised there are no comments on this. This is VERY well done. I probably be using this as inspiration for my new king. An added bonus that it comes from a fellow Central Floridian.