Block Puzzle 150 Pices With Glass Box




About: Hello. My name is Thomas. I love spending time in my workshop. Please check my Youtube channel. I hope you enjoy :)

Hello everyone, in this project I wanna show you how to make Block Puzzle 150 Pices with nice Glass Box.

It is very easy and cheap. I made video and step by step instruction how to make it.
My puzzle can give you lot of fun for few hours. I think if you seen block puzle 3x3(9 pieces). My puzzle are bigger and much complicated 10x15 it is 150 pieces !

Your challenge is find a right puzzle and match them with the rest.

Good luck !!

Materials :
- wood profile 2cm x 2cm
- sandpaper
- clear coat
- wood varnish
- screws
- glass or plexi
- double sided tape


- table saw
- brush
- glass cutter
- pencil
- screw driver


Step 1: Make 150 Wooden Blocks

Make 150 wooden blocks. I made it from wood profile 2cm x 2cm. Improve blocks edges using sandpaper.

Step 2: Prepare Wood for Frame

I think that puzzle look very cool in box with glass. Make wooden frame for glass. Cut wood on table saw and improve all surface using sandpaper. Make little cuts in frame for glass. Drill holes for screws and paint places where will be glass.

Step 3: Cut Glass

Now, take piece of glass or plexi and cut. Improve glass edges using sandpaper, because they are very sharp.

Step 4: Frame Almost Ready

Now, glue frame with glass inside. I used glue and screws. Holes after screws you can fill with a wood filler. Paint frame using wood varnish. When frame is dry take a piece of wood and glue it to front glass on double sided tape.

Step 5: Make Puzzle

Print 6 different picture and cut to small pieces. Using wood glue, glue all pieces to blocks. After that paint puzzle (I used clear coat).

Step 6: Put the Puzzle in a Box

Now, put the puzzle in a box. Yours puzzle are ready to use. In a box they are look very nice and you can change picture at any moment.

I hope you enjoy :)



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    2 years ago

    This is awesome! It seems really fun to make and looks great. :)

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    That seems like a lot of work. How long did it take you?

    1 reply