Build Your Own Simple IronMan Arc Reactor



Amaze your friends with this easy to make an cool Iron man Arc reactor !

Using readily available parts.The only difficult part I found when making this was using my cheap holesaws in acrylic it can heat up and then weld itself back together but eventually I got through it.

Check out the build video I made here

Step 1: Make the Coil Ring

I used two holesaws a 2 ½” = 64 mm and a 3 ½” = 89mm I clamped the acrylic down to a sacrificial board so the larger holesaw had a hole for the pilot bit ot register the saw to. then file the ring smooth.

Step 2: Wrapping the Coils, and Attaching the Light and Grile

Wrap 10 coils around the ring spaced approx 15mm apart with the coils being about 10mm wide. then solder the end of the wire down. then attach the ring to the push light using some hot glue, I then attached the sink strainer using hot glue over the light.

check out the video i made here



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