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In my free time I enjoy water coloring landscapes
I have a artist's color palette, which I normally used.

I thought why not try old CD for this
I started experimenting and that worked very well
I want to share this, It just took 30 minutes with no cost !

1) I took copper spoon which has a deep dent (Snap-2)
2) On CD I marked with pen along its periphery where I want the dents with some distance
3) I Heated the spoon dent on a gas for 3-4 minutes, hold the spoon in thick & wet cotton cloth
4) Along the marking I just pressed the spoon's dent on CD at the marked positions
     For each dent I reheated the spoon dent on a gas and then pressed on CD
5) This is how it looks after the dents from front side (Snap-3) and rear side (Snap-4)
6) Now I can fill  your water colors of your choice (Snap-5)
7) Since CD has a center hole , you can perfectly hold this as a paint palette and use or water coloring (snap-1)

I enjoyed doing this !

Extremely careful as the spoon is very very hot




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