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I've made a few Bluetooth speakers recently (links below) and whilst they are great to look at and fantastic to listen to but the "Name" that comes up on my phone (or Bluetooth streaming device) is either:

1) Something boring like "CSR 8645"!


2) The same as another speaker (if I've used the same module)

I've discovered a way to reprogram this "Friendly Name" It's pretty straight forwards but there are a few steps...

Lets begin:

Links to my BT speaker projects:



Step 1: Purchase a SPI Programmer

To reprogram the CSR chip you need to talk to it using an SPI interface. The equipment you need is a USB to SPI converter. Here is a link to the programmer I purchased. I don't think it's a genuine one but it still works


Here is another one (authentic?). This one has the pin-out printed on the case (different pin out to the one I purchased)!!!


Step 2: Download the Software

This is a 3 step process.

1) Sign up to the CSR website here (use the register link)


NB: Ignore the messages that say you are not an authorized user - the registration process will complete ok. Carry on regardless!!!!

You will receive a confirmation e-mail, but not immediately. mine too about 1/2Hr to come through. Complete the registration steps noted in the e-mail.

2) Sign on then go to this URL


for some reason I can't find this page by navigating but if you are logged in you can use the link above and it takes you right to the PC software you need

3) Download then install Bluetooth Suite. The latest version is 2.6.8 at the time of writing (Feb 2018). The software works with Windows - most versions.

NB: Some of the other changes that are possible with this software are only functional on a 32bit machine (ie win7). However we don't need those features for us to simply change the name.

Step 3: Where to Connect To?!

Before we connect up lets look at a variety of the Bluetooth boards currently available.

Most Bluetooth modules on e-bay/aliexpress have a set of pads (often unmarked) on the PCB. I've included 5 pictures of the most common Bluetooth PCB's out there and I've managed to change the name on all on them.

I've also included the pin outs for the CSR 8630 chip so you may be able to work it out for other modules I have not detailed here. Unfortunately the CSR 8645 is a BGA (Ball Grid Array) so you cant 'bell out' the connections to the chip as they are hidden underneath!

Step 4: Connect Adapter to Module

Using the information in the previous slides, connect the module up to the USB-SPI adapter as shown (image to follow).

I made up a short ribbon cable to go from the CSR-SPI programmer to the PCB I wanted to reprogram. I soldered the wires directly to the PCB using minimal solder as the joints are all temporary.

Step 5: Open "PStools" Software and Reprogramme the Chip's Name

Follow these steps (watch the Youtube video) - particularly note MAKE A BACKUP of your starting parameters. It is easy to brick the device and if you want to get back up and running this original settings file will make that possible.

1) Navigate to the location where the software was loaded. It should be in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CSR\BlueSuite 2.6.8

2) Double click on the application "PSTool"

3) Go to File>Dump and follow the prompts to make a backup of you current/initial settings.

4) When the files has saved go to the search box and insert "name"

5) Change the name to the new name

6) Press the "Write" button

7) Your finished - you can make another backup of the new settings if you want but that's about it!

Step 6: Finished!



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    Answer 15 days ago

    The battery is connected to "BAT" for the battery positive and the battery negative is connected to GND. The battery is shown in the left hand corner of your picture. You may also need to connect the Power_EN to the battery positive bia a 10k resistor to wake the unit up. -I'm not sure this is required for programming though.


    Reply 13 days ago

    in your pic, bat is shown at 5th pin up on the bottom left.
    in my pic, bat is shown at 4th pin up on the bottom left.

    Is my pic incorrect? Comes from the ebay page.



    Reply 12 days ago

    Looks like my pic is pointing to the wrong pin - I think your pic is correct. Ill try update soon!


    Reply 12 days ago


    a bit off-topic: if i'm not trying to program the board, just power-up with a battery, and pair to my smartphone, can the power_en be connected permanently to bat? i'm unable to pair-- just seeing a Mac address instead of CSR8645's name. When i try to pair i get an error.

    Is it necessary to long-press PIO7? i think I've read that's the "pair enable" pin.



    Reply 4 days ago

    fixed. No probs with a new module. Bad board, i guess.


    Question 8 days ago

    I have a question about CSR 8630(b04u). Is that necessary to connect SP_EN for programming
    to change the name? The board I have doesn't have that pin(image attached).
    Thanks in advance,


    4 months ago

    Hi, nice tutorial, but after I registered to csr and logged in, I can't access the download area. Accesss not allowed for my user account. If I click request access, then I get an error message that my domain ist not, trustworthy but its my own domain.

    Is there now other way to get the latest bluetooth suite?


    2 replies

    Reply 4 months ago

    many thanks! I would test it.


    5 months ago

    any error message? Try save it to a place you know you have access to like the desktop.


    Question 5 months ago

    Hİ , after I press that dump everything is okey but ".psr" file is not saved , How can I fix this ? I uninstalled and reinstall BlueSuit many times