Card Wars

About: I love to adventure with my adopted brother Jake and my girl friend.... who is on fire her name is flame princess. I have a rad sword and I fight stuff... like monsters and goblins and ect.

Card Wars a pretty popular adventure time episode from the 4th season and will always hold a place in my favorite episodes.


Step 1: Good Deck Combo

I have found that I like a mix of the nice lands and the useless swamps with some random rainbow cards mixed in with all the card types but with less buildings.

Step 2: The App

spent hours playing the app good game. thank you cartoon network.



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    Me personally love to play this game! It's a lot of fun i preffer to use a nice lands deck to others because it has many creature and powerful spells

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    and this is just the beginning of the rules. it took Jake three hours to read the instructions. I fell asleep.


    good question. The creature cards have the attack and the defend numbers on them the number of the attack takes out that number on the apposing cards defense. the player has what we in the adventure time clan call hit points. when the opponents lane or lanes as the case may be are open u can take the amount of hit points from that player as the attack of the card hitting the empty lane. the first person to run out of hit points loses. the cards have a cost to play that's why lanes end up empty the player might run out of what the card wars fans call manna and you only get 2 of these per tern. the cards also have abilities and floops that can help you. take it from someone who plays it allot and someone who can beat Jake its fun.


    if u love card wars as much as I do leave a comment. also tell me what your favorite deck combos are for this game or for the app.