Charcoal Earrings



Charcoal is a pretty material that begs to be shown off, and putting it on earrings can match or highlight a multitude of outfits and styles. The benefits besides aesthetics is the ease at which you can make these, and the unique shape to every piece.


Step 1: ​Drilling

We’ll use a standard drill bit to go through this. I recommend using an awl to poke a starter hole, and avoid crushing the piece. Keep the hole near enough to the edge to use a jump ring.

Step 2: ​Sealing

An important step in this, otherwise you will be stained with charcoal and it could break. I used a spray on varnish/sealer, but any oil/plastic based finish or acrylic which adds a protective layer will work. Remember, this jewelry isn’t indefinite, but that’s the point.

Step 3: ​Enjoy!

Throw on a jump ring and then earring hook, and wear your carbon earrings that draw light and attention to you.

Enjoy you easily made charcoal earrings!



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