Craft Jewelry Ideas-pair of Dainty Wire Wrapped Earrings




Making gorgeous jewelry can only need cheap materials and low techniques. This tutorial will show u how to make adorable wire wrapped earrings as well as a distinctive piece among numerous craft jewelry ideas about the classical chandelier earrings by using soft brass wire and bright acrylic beads.

I love this wire wrapped earrings. I make them with my friends. We create these items according to our personal preference and imagination. I hope others will love them as well.

Supplies needed in the craft jewelry ideas:
10mm Acrylic Bead
1.5mm Aluminum Wire
Earring Hook
Flat Nose Plier
Side Cutting Plier
Round Nose Plier


Step 1: Step1: Form the Frame

1. Snip a certain long aluminum wire, usually 20cm for a medium-size finding;

2. Find and mark the central location;

3. Clamp the center with round nose plier. And wrap a radian to form a drop shape;

4. At the location 1.5cm away from the first loop, work the second one;

5. String the acrylic bead on end tip;

6. Roll up the leftover wire around the bead;

7. Repeat the process 4~6 on the other side.

Step 2: Step2: Work a Matching Dangler

Slide one acrylic bead onto the headpin. Add a seed bead at bottom to stop it from slipping. Next, loop the top part.

Step 3: Step3: Assemble the Separate Components

1. Add on 3 connective jumpring as picture shows;

2. Hang on the dangler at the loop between beads;

3. Attach the earring hook at top jumpring.

Step 4: Step4: Make a Complete Pair

Do repeat the above procedures for a pair of wire wrapped earrings.
There, you have finished the craft jewelry ideas now. Just use your imagination once you’ve mastered most of the basic wire wrap techniques. The results may be totally shacking in spite of the size of beads or the gauges of wire. Nice day!



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    5 years ago

    These are super cute and so easy! Love them!!! I have a large stock of various round beads in different colors. These earrings would be an easy way to put those extra beads to use in an elegant way and making a necklace to match would be a cinch! Thanks!!!!