Crazy Cardboard Chicken Marionette

Make a fun, desk top Marionette.

Step 1: Cut Cardboard

Start off with a 12" piece of cardboard.

Cut it into 1/2 " strips.

Roll the strips into a head and body. I used two pieces for the body and one piece for the head.

Use hot glue to keep their shapes.

Step 2: Wings, Feet, Neck, and Legs

Cut out four triangle shapes for the wings and feet.

Attach the wings to the body with hot glue.

locate a piece of yarn/string and cut it into equal lengths...about 3". You will need three pieces of yarn/ for the neck, and two legs.

Step 3: Attach Your Parts.

Connect the head to the body.

Connect the legs to the feet.

Connect legs to body.

Make a beak, comb, and eyes for your chicken and attach them.

Step 4: Chicken Assembled...make the Cross.

Assemble the cross of the marionette by gluing two 1/2" pieces together.

Attach the head to the cross first. I used a 6 1/2" piece of string to the front of the cross.

Attach the body to the cross. I used a 8 1/2" piece of string to the back of the cross.

Attach the feet to the cross. I used 12 1/2" piece of string top the sides of the cross.

Add some pennies or washers to the feet of the chicken for weight.

Step 5: The Crazy Chicken Is Done.

Make you chicken walk by tilting the cross in a side to side motion while moving it forward.

Make its head move by rotating the cross.

Have fun learning to move your chicken!



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3 months ago

Well I just tried to use the "I Made It" interface and it wasn't very intuitive. I tried.

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Reply 3 months ago

Well, I glad you made it. It is a lot of fun. Not sure about the I made it interface.


3 months ago

Cute! It looks simple enough that I can actually make one. I'm always looking for little projects that my grandsons can do.

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