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In this video i make a reclaimed wood sign for a local business, This build is very easy and simple and can be done in less than a day with the right tools. Using custom signage to make your branding pop is a hugely valuable tool.

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Step 1: Pick and Prep Your Wood

In this step you want to find some lumber that will be wide enough for your lettering. I happened to have some 100+ year old tongue and groove barn wood I locally sourced from a barn I tore down near me. Try and pick something that doesn't have a lot of voids or knots if you do choose to use reclaimed wood. Prep the wood by using a bristle brush to remove the dirt and also pull all of the nails.

Step 2: Break Down Your Lumber

You're going to want to take your prepped wood and start milling it down. I used the planer to flatten it then use the jointer and table saw for dimensioning.

Step 3: Lay Out Your Stencil, and Cut Your Pieces

Here you wan to lay on your stencil for the wood, then cut out the pieces for the sign. I use the table saw to finalize all my pieces based on my stencils. A mighter gauge is hugely helpful here, if you dont have one you can use your circular saw.

Step 4: Layout Your Pocket Holes and Assemble the Sign

Here I mark and layout where i want to join the sign together. Using pocket holes i glue and screw the two pieces together. This is a fast and simple technique for joinery like this

Step 5: Get Out the Sander

In this step you want to take your pieces and sand down the sign. Get it to where its nice and smooth to the touch.

Step 6: Apply Stain and Finish

Apply your stain and finishes choices and boom you have a custom sign.

Thank you for watching and Following along.

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