DIY Conductive Ink / Paint for Cheap




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Do you want to make something cool for your projects? Try to make this! Because this is a cool project you need to make!

Try to make simple circuit project with this ink. You just paste the paint into a paper, circuit board, plastic, or any surface you like. This is very useful for beginners, kids, or anyone. You can make this for cheap, it's under 1 dollars for make it!!

Lets make it now!!!

Step 1: Things You Will Need:

  • Copper wire
  • Water colour
  • Cutter
  • Small container

For more safety, you need to use a mask in this DIY.

Step 2: Take This First

First you need to do is take this:

  • Small container
  • Copper wire
  • Cutter

Step 3: The Copper Wire

  • Take the copper wire and cutter
  • Rub the copper wire with cutter like image into a small container
  • The copper will be small flakes

Step 4: Next

  • If there are enough small flakes of copper, add a small watercolor
  • Stir it well

(The copper flakes affect the electricity connectivity. If the voltage output is bad, you need to add the copper flakes into your dough)

Step 5: Test

  • Take a pcs of paper, led, And the conductive ink.
  • Make a short circuit on the paper
  • and look the led

*If the led is not bright, you need to add copper flakes into your conductive ink dough.

Step 6: Finish

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Sorry for my bad english

I hope you can make it better than me.




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    Builders Shed

    2 years ago

    Neat idea! i'll try it out!!!