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In this instructable, I will show you how

to make a custom linen rug for just a few dollars.

It is an interior rug, which can be used in the living room as well as in a bedroom.

It is very comfortable for the feet, and fits into any interior decoration.

It is simple to make, even for a child!


Step 1: Components and Tools Needed:


- Cardboard - The size of the carton depends on the size of your carpet - free -

- Double sided adhesive -2$

- Linen twine - 3$ for 90m -


- Scissors

- a ruler

- a meter

- a pen

Step 2: Prepare the Pattern

- Cut the cardboard into the desired shape and size for your rug. This will be the pattern of your rug.

- Draw lines inclined at 45 ° to the edge of the cardboard. Lines will serve as a guide for laying the adhesive

- Lay the adhesive along the lines. Fully cover the carton.

- On the back of the cardboard, place a strip of adhesive on all edges

Step 3: Paste the Twine

- The twine will be glued in the same way as the adhesive, at 45 ° to the edge.

- Cut pieces of twine slightly larger than the sticking length in order to stick the ends to the back of the rug.

- Remove the protective strips from the double-sided adhesive one by one and stick the piece of twine.

- Cover the entire rug in this manner.

- Remove the protective strips from the double-sided adhesive at the back of the rug and stick the twine that protrudes over it. Glue a strip of adhesive all around the back of the cardboard to mask the first layer.

Step 4: Result

You now have a custom carpet to decorate your interior. I made it rectangular, but I could have done it in the shape of "L" or circular, very large or very small ... the only limit is your imagination! Share your creations!



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