DUCT Tape Hat



This is how to cool with this nifty DUCT tape hat that everybody can enjoy making it and wearing it. So be a cool dude.

Step 1: Materials

Firstly you will need, Tire Wire, Pliers and DUCT TAPE.

Step 2: The Frame

Make the frame using the tire wire like this frame.

Make sure you cut any extra bits off, as they can tear the DUCT tape and also because they could scratch your head.

Step 3: Taping the Frame

Lastly, start taping the frame on the outside of it, and then you can tape on the inside of it.

Step 4: Finished Product

BAM! and there it is. What an awesome project it has been. Now you can be cool all year round with this nifty cap showing it of to everybody you see. WELL DONE!



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