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Hello peoples! Today I will show you all how I solved the problem of misplacing your third hand. If you're like me, you never have a head light when you need it most. If you carry a flashlight on your person, you have solved half the problem. But you still need to hold it somehow. Sure you pinch it between your neck and shoulder, or bite the light itself, but who wants to grind their teeth or bite your lips off? Oh, you do? We'll, carry on then. FOR THE REST OF YOU, follow these few simple steps and I'll do my best to assist in situation!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

For tools you will need a pair of scissors, heat gun / lighter, and a razor blade.

For materials you need a flashlight of course, a piece of heat shrink a larger diameter than the rear end of your flashlight, and 2 O-rings.

Step 2: Cut Your Heat Shrink

Here you will simply trim a piece of heat shrink to about a 1/2 inch longer than the back cap of your light.

Step 3: Place the O-rings on the Light

Take your O-rings and roll them down to a good spot to where they will keep your teeth from sliding off the light. This one is lucky enough to have groves to sit in.

Step 4: Place the Heat Shrink

Now we will slide the heat shrink over the O-rings. Overlap is fine, we will trim it in a minute.

Step 5: Let the Heat Cannon Kick It!

Heat gun / lighter time! Simple as it sounds, just add heat and watch it shrink!

Step 6: Trim It

Now you'll take your razor blade and trim around the button (if there is one). And flush it off with your end cap, so you can still remove it.

Step 7: Fin



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    1 year ago

    very nice. I would heat shrink right on the flashlight and then trim it if necessary . This would create a tighter fit.


    2 years ago

    Very cool. I have used bike tire inner tube for a road bike doubled over about 3 times.

    This is great. There used to be a plastic cap you could buy for the end of the mini Maglite(AA), but two drawbacks I haven't seen any in years and it only fit the Maglite.

    I wonder if the heat shrink would provide more cushion if it was doubled, one end tucked into its self before shrinking. For the knotting fan I bet a Turks head knot of thin cord, hardened and waterproofed with glue would be great under that heat shrink.

    Chicken Spit

    4 years ago

    Hmm, that's a problem I would never have thought to address! My old etc flash light could have totally used this, but I recently switched to a headlamp from REI. It suits my needs much better!


    4 years ago

    a very good solution to a common problem! well done!!


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! It kept slipping off on me before, and i just so happened to have a few O-rings handy.

    Tater Zoid

    4 years ago

    Great idea. I might suggest a lanyard to keep it around your neck, as well.

    1 reply
    laxgeoTater Zoid

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I actually carry mine to to the far left side of my left rear pocked, whereas a lanyard would be great! but it would get caught on everything. haha