Easy Professor Charles Francis Xavier ‘Cerebro’ Helmet Prop for Halloween

About: Hmmm...I was just trying out the name to check the availability :( ahh well...they're cool guys! I'm a teacher/tinkerer/outdoor kinda guy. Bamboo is the most incredible renewable construction mate...

A batter’s helmet, jigsaw, some beads, stiff wire and nickel spray paint and you can have your own ‘Cerebro’ helmet  to delve into the minds of your friends…enemies? Frenemies?


Step 1: A Batter's Helmet

Step 2: Some Plastic Beads on Stiff Aluminum Wire...

Step 3: A Jigsaw to Cut the Helmet to Shape...

Step 4: A Bit of Nickel Metallic Paint...

Step 5: Voila!

Step 6: A Bit of Shaved Head and a Nice Suit And...Professor X...oh Yeah...the Wheelchair...next!



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