Faux Bonsai With Moss (under 3$ and Maintainance Free)




A small spot of green can change the whole radiance of a living room. My living room has a corner which doesn't receive any light so placing an houseplant doesn't meet the requirement. I so much wanted to place a bonsai plant there with that miniature landscape but no living plant would thrive there except for moss.

Yes Moss it was...I made a Faux bonsai landscape just with moss.

No trimming required, thrives in low light and looks absolutely amazing....so why not.

And not to mention the total cost was not more than 3$


Step 1: Getting Started

A walk thru the nature will provide most of the elements you need for this project.

I have collected a variety of stones. sandstone, lava stone and others which depict asymmetry in nature.

A stump piece of wood to make the tree trunk. the more twisted and knotted the better it works.

lots and lots of moss. there are different varieties of landmass-some resembling little palm trees to some looking like fern.

if you happen to find little blobs of moss pick up th whole blob along with he underlying each.

additionally you will need a flat planter or a bonsai dish.


potting soil

any wet/rotting wood scraps

a cotton thread(green)

garden cutter

Step 2:

various types of moss that I collected.

Step 3: Setting It Up.

If the planter has holes covet the holes with some garden fleece.This filters the soil from running out with excess water.

Layer it with grave and pebbles. This weights the planter and prevents it toppling over.

Place the chunk of wood in the planter. Either make it a center element or to one side .

fill up the rest of the Dish with potting soil.

Stabilize the trunk with the pretty natural stones, imitating a little landscape.

Step 4: Making the Tree.

Attach pieces of moss to the branches of the tree with the green cotton thread.

In case you need to add branches to the tree then you need to secure the branches onto the trunk with a florists wire, and then tactfully camouflaging it with moss.( I omitted this, since the branch I chose had enough branches.)

Fill up the surface of the soil with layers of moss. Add on more stones or miniature elements if you wish.

Give the soil a good soak.

Spray the moss thoroughly.

It is done.

Adorn your room with this magnificent bonsai tree

All that this beautiful bonsai needs is humidity , spraying every fourth day should suffice.



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8 Discussions


3 years ago

What do you do when the moss dies? Just replace it?

4 replies

Reply 3 years ago

Good question.... But i havent really thought so far. Generally if you keep moss humid it lasts quite long. And then replace it


Reply 3 years ago

It needs soil to grow. It will die. I guess you could leave it there and paint it green.

Mugsy Knucklestangotut

Reply 2 years ago

Moss is a non-vascular plant, it really only has rootlets to grab onto stuff. It gets no moisture or nutrition from them.
It's also a lot harder to kill than you might realize.


Reply 3 years ago

But moist rotting wood is also a growing medium for moss.


3 years ago

Hehehe... rotting wood on my coffee table? No, thank you.

People don't seem to notice moss. It is beautiful! But it also has a life cycle. It has needs like any plant.


3 years ago

Great idea. did you try orchids? They like dark places and they look beautiful.

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

true! i should try incorporating some orchids maybe, they love moss too.

Yes I do have orchids but they love sunlight(indirect though), at least i have left them at a window and they flourish.