Floating Candle Tombstone

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I created this tombstone as a tribute to a fallen member at the Los Angeles Live Steamers' Railroading Museum. First a little backstory. There are these silly-looking scarecrows that you can get at Joann's that he hated with a passion. He kept coming up with interesting ways to get rid of them. Well, I created this T-stone with his name and one of his favorite mutterings. It's a basic tombstone shape with a cardboard backing along with a motor from one of those cheapy fiberoptic flower displays. I used a unbent metal clothes hanger wire to hold up a length of PVC tubing with a flicker bulb. I added a flower vase and painted it to look creepy. Motor moves real slow and looks wonderful.

Update 10/3/2012: I have tried adding a movie but I keep getting an http error message. 



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    I'll have to dig it out of my closet. I've been having problems with the organizers down at LALS, so I put it away. I'll post it as soon as I can.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great instrustible! I'll use it up here on the SOLS layout next week! Its great to see another "live steamer" here!