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unit for fun.....


Step 1: The Concept

Use a big battery for a GPS Tracker,rechargeable and use it also like power bank.

Stuff you need is:

Gps Tracker,a old electronic circuit from power bank,wires,hot glue,a battery(same type of battery inside power bank but above capacity,4400mha in my case).

Step 2: Simply Connect

You have to connect all positive wires together and negative also......

In the Gps Tracker i have connect two wires from power battery connector and two wires from the switch on/of....

That configuration give you a power bank with big capacity and indipendent power for the Gps Tracker.....

you can use the USB connector for all usages(lamp camping,sos lamp flashligth......)and in the same time

the power for the Gps Tracker.....

the micro USB connector permit you to recharge the package.....

All usages are emergency signal(visual and radio),simple power bank,lamp or recharge a mobile...

Thank you to watch.....



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