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Introduction: Glass Mounted Hanging Cat Bed

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If you have some cats, you'll know that one of their favorite sports is sleeping. Some cats sleep around 16 hours a day, and they love to vary the place where they lie down to sleep.

For this project my wife and I made a hanging cat bet, so our cats would have their own comfy furniture for sleeping all night (and all day) long! It's easy to make, using materials one can find in local hardware stores, and hand tools only.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

We used the following tools for the construction of our hanging cat bed:

  • A Hacksaw. We had to cut the PVC pipes in smaller pieces;
  • A Drilling machine. We attached some of the suction cups to the pipes using some screws. The drilling machine was ussed for drilling the pipes;
  • A Measuring tape (or a Ruler) for measuring the length of the pipes and the fabric;
  • A Screwdriver for attaching the suction cups with some screws;
  • A pair of scissors for cutting the fabric;
  • Sewing needles. When the frame was ready, we had to sew the fabric around the frame;
  • A cutter, for cutting the steel cables.

The following materials were used:

  • 1'' PVC pipes (1,4m)*
  • 1'' 90° bend (L shape)* (x2)
  • 1'' tee (x2)*
  • 25mm screws (x2)
  • Suction cups (for glass) 90 mm in diameter (x2)
  • Suction cups (for glass) 40 mm in diameter (x2)
  • Woven fabric (70 x 70cm)
  • Sewing thread
  • 1,5mm steel cabe (1,5m)**

* 1/2'' pipes might be used as well.

** we used a cloathesline steel cable. It's coated with a plastic layer, and it's very resistent. We tried other types of cables, but the cats would easilly bite and cut them.

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting the Pipes

First we had to cut the pipes in suitable sizes. For our hanging bed project, we cut the pipes in four pieces with approximatelly 35 cm each.

We used a tape for measuring the lenght of the pieces of pipe, and cut them with a hacksaw. A sandpaper might be used for a better finishing.

Step 3: Preparing the Smaller Suction Cups

The smaller suction cups (40 mm ones) were attached to the tee fittings using some screws. For that, we had to drill a pair of holes.

The center position of the holes were marked with a pen, and then drilling machine was used. It will be easier if a small hole is created first (with a nail, for instance) and later enlarge with the drilling machine. The position of the hole will depend on the model of your suction cup.

A 25 mm screw as used for attaching the suction cup to the tee fitting, as it's shown in the pictures.

Step 4: Preparing the Larger Suction Cups

The larger suction cups (90 mm) support most of the weight of the the cat and the hanging bed structure. We tried to use smaller ones (40 mm) here, but they would easilly dettach from the glass.

First we had to cut the steel cable with the desired lenght (two cables of approx. 70 cm each) using a pair of cutters. We tied one end of the cable to the suction cup center bolt, and firmly tightened it with a nut. The other end was tied to the pipes, as it will be shown later.

Step 5: Measure, Cut and Sew the Fabric

We measured and cut the fabric to be used in the bed with a pair of scissor. In the picture I suggest some dimensions, based on the pipe sizes we used. If you want to create a larger or smaller cat bed, remember to resize these measurements too.

We sew the fabric out of the pipes, and only then assembled the structure. But one might assemble the stucture first and sew the cloth latter.

Sew the fabric arround the pipes. You can also sew the fabric out of the pipes, and only then assemble the structure.

Step 6: Mounting the Frame

We mounted the frame as shown in the pictures.

  1. We attached both tee fittings (with the smaller suction cups already installed) at the end of two pipes;
  2. Those two pipes passed through the fabric;
  3. A 90º bend was attached at the end of each pipe;
  4. A third pipe was connected to both tee fittings, passing through the fabric;
  5. The fourth pipe connected both 90º bends. Before attaching them, we tied the steel cable.

The connection between pipes and fitting is quite tight, so you won't probably need to glue the pipes. This way it's also easier to disassemble the structure if you need to wash the cloth, for instance.

At this point your cats will already be curious and wondering what are you doing!

Step 7: Instalation

The instalation of the hanging bed is very easy. Attach the smaller suction cups to the glass horizontally. Then attach the larger suction cups, so that the cables are stretched and the bed is leveled. Make sure the cups and the glass are clear, for maximum adherence.

The bed shouldn't be installed at high places, so that the cats won't get hurt if they accidentally fall (or if any of the succion cups dettach from the glass). It's recommended to test first how

Step 8: Usage

Install the bed on a glass window or door. They'll love to see the movement outside while they get to sleep.

At first the cats will find it strange, but they will quickly become accustomed to the idea and begin to divide the space. Put a blanket on the bed, and they'll love it even more.

Make sure there is a surface from which cats can jump to access the bed.

Now, let them sleep, and have fun!

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    20 Discussions

    Thanks! They are still sleeping on that bed! :D

    Great project, I wanna make a ceiling mounted version of this sometime.

    1 reply

    ohhhhhh my goodness, my ladies might need one of these for my sliding glass door. :D

    1 reply

    Love it and will make it but my cats would say "Good job slave".

    1 reply

    Thanks! :D
    I'm sure they will treat you with mercy! :D


    6 months ago

    What’s your experience with the suction cups NOT holding? I’m amazed to see two cats on one bed held up by suction cups! I want to make this!!!

    1 reply

    Hi there! Those large suction cups normally hold for a long time. Sometimes one of them dettach from the glass, but the other is still enough for holding the weight.
    Anyway, I recommend you to install it not very far from the ground, so that the cats won't get hurt if the cups accidentally dettach.

    my cats are like flying monkeys ... they fly thru the air and land on their destination, for some reason, maybe because I have 4 and their mom is semi-feral, they are kinda wild ... would the suction cups hold up to such behavior do you think? they each weigh about 8# ... love this idea to allow them the light and intrigue of the "window".

    3 replies

    Thanks ooohlaa!
    My cats usually only jump small distances. So there's only a small impact and the suction cups work fine.
    Anyway, I'd suggest not installing it on a higher place. This way, if the suction cup dettaches from the glass your cats won't get hurt.

    You could always take the basic idea and convert it to non-suction cup.

    If there isn't already a blinds or other place to connect to at the top, put a small screw or nail either in the center for both or one on each side, and put the strings up to that. Have some extra length and several loops and you can easily make it fit different windows. Then mechanically attach the other side to the sill or sides of the window frame area. You could even just use 2 more strings slightly shorter, and suspend the entire thing, but it would be easy to move away from the window. Keeping two suction cups there to keep it fixed should keep it from moving around, while not really depending on them 100% for support by having the inside edge strings to take the weight if they let go..

    THANK YOU for your helpful reply. Will muse on the ideas!


    6 months ago

    Thats a great idea!
    I make windiw perches that clamp to the windiw sile.
    This is much larger, have to try it.

    1 reply

    Thanks, Slim! :D

    Would you be kind enough to supply a source for the 90mm cups? I can't seem to find any with an over molded stud.

    3 replies

    I bought it at physical store.

    I found some on, although they don't have the same size/color as the ones I used.

    I may have found another option. It doesn't have a threaded stud, but it does have a cross axial hole, through which a bolt could be placed.

    This one might work too! :D