HI-FI 4 Channel Audio Amplifier VERY Simple and CHEAP!!!!




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It's Time to Make Some nice amplifier which has nice audio quality with very low distortion and simple and quite easy to make because a circuit is very simple & very few components are required and all the pieces of stuff are easily available .

Hello, Guys, this is my fourth instructable and my previous experiences were great because of you all . And now I came with an amazing 4 channel audio amp Which sounds great .

Now without wasting more time I am going to tell you how to make one in very few steps !!!

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Step 1: Gather Components

First youn need to gather all the parts required for the circuit . You can buy all the components from your local elctronics shop or you can purchase complete circuit components online from here if you are from India .

  • TDA7388 IC (You can buy these in under 3$ from ebay,aliexpress etc.) X 1 Pc.
  • 470uf /50volt electrolytic capacitor X 1Pc.
  • 47uf/50volt electrolytic capacitor X 1Pc.
  • .1uf ceramic capacitor code(104) X 5Pcs.
  • 1uf ceramic capacitor code(105) X 2Pcs.
  • .47uf ceramic capacitor code(474) X 1Pc.
  • 10K resistor X 1Pc.
  • 47Kresistor X 1Pc.

Step 2: Other Stuffs

You need more stuffs more than components for this build and it can be according to your build I am giving basic list of stuffs which I have used for my build

  • Enclosure X 1Pc.
  • Knob for potentiometer X 1 or 2 Pcs.
  • 4 Rca Female Jack X 4 Pcs.
  • Led with 1K resistor X 1 Pc.
  • Stereo Female audio Jack X 1 Pc.
  • DC Barrel power jack female X 1 Pc.
  • Heat Sink X 1 Pc.
  • Perfboard X 1 Pc.
  • Aux cable X 1 Pc.

And you also need come common stuffs like soldering iron ,file,cutter ,screwdriver ,drill etc.

Step 3: Schematic OF TDA7388 AMP

Schematic is quite simple and it has very few external components I have attached 2 Schematic actually both are same and this is same as given in its datasheet .

Step 4: Lets Start by Making Circuit

I have just attached some pictures of my build of circuit . And circuit takes very less space on PCB and Note one thing that you need to adjust legs of IC In order to align according to the holes of perf board and don`t forget to add a heatsink to your amp.

For Power supply, I`ve used my variable bench power supply to power this amp specification is 12 volt 5 amps. but you can use more powerful powers supply for getting more power and you also need much larger heatsink than mine actually it is loud enough even at 12v 3amps for a room and sound is really good .

Step 5: Test & Enclose Everything !!

After completion of circuit you can test circuit by powering it by power supply and attaching speaker temporarily to test and after this step you can Enclose everything in enclosure of your choice you can also use wood or 3D printer for this purpose to enhance its beauty .

Step 6: Final LOOK !!!!

Final loook of my amp after complete built .

Hope you all like it and feel free to ask anything or to give any suggestions . I really expect as many as possible Hits on I MADE IT BUTTON.





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Reply 1 year ago

Hlo sir
1.Please recommend me speakers which can support this amp

2. And, can I use this at home with two speakers of 4 ohm speakers with DC


2 years ago

Bro where can I buy all these component through online ? I m from india and what about input ... Can i use single input 3.5 jack and get 4 output?

Akshay JhaFilipino1122

Reply 2 years ago

Yes, you can try that if you won't get too much heat from the heatsink .

kartik negandhi

2 years ago

where did u buy the enclosure for it?can u tell me the shop or link to it?

1 reply
Akshay Jhakartik negandhi

Reply 2 years ago

Actually I baught it from indiamart from manufacturing company in hydrabad around 100pcs and I live in jaipur so they shipped that 100pcs at my doorstep but you can find as laptop enclosure on internet or if you want some I can send you for that U can give me ur contact no.


2 years ago

Sorry, I don't like it at all. I tell you why:
1.) This is no even close to "HiFi grade" amplifier, so why this misleading title?

2.) Very small heatsink

3.) No openings => no airflow

4.) Soldering is very bad. You should watch some tutorials on YT, or here and practice, practice, practice :)

And if you interested in building amplifiers I can recommend you TDA7498 or PAM8406. Very powerful class D amps for very reasonable price :) You should try it.

2 replies
Akshay Jhaiqlogic

Reply 2 years ago

It`s completely okay if you don`t like it but

1.) The reason I have said HIFI is because of its output quality and datasheet

2.)Yes heatsink is very small because I am not running it on its full power I am just running it with 12v 3amp and it gives negligible distortion and I found very less heat dissipation actually

3.) When I was putting this amp in that small enclosure I thought to do some holes on enclosure but when I tested It I found no reason to do that

4.) Yes might be my soldering skills are not so good .but this time I want to make it as small as possible I think that is the reason it becomes quite messy

5.) Actually, we are learners and I am DIY lover and I,ll try this just for the sake of making it and I also tried many other amps like 6283 ,4440 and Pam8403,Tda2030 and many others and I already have PAM8406 lying on my workbench

And I have never tried TDA7498 but if you are suggesting me I`ll give it a try thanks for raising such points :-)


2 years ago

While it's not really Hi-Fi, it's quite cool! I was looking for an amp with so few components for a long time.

1 reply

2 years ago

Hey, thanks! I learned something from this.

1 reply
Akshay Jhaknud.knudmand.7

Reply 2 years ago

I Don't have that much to spend on it but some day definitely I'll buy someday.............thanks for comment :-)


2 years ago

I have a question. Can bridge any outputs? example for a bass speaker


2 years ago

Truly amazing. You power four 40 watt amplifiers with a 24 watt power source. The energy crisis is over.