Hair Binder Gift Idea




This idea came from my sister who has a lot of hair binders in her room. I thought of a hair binder holder that can be a simple gift with its recycled cool packaging. 


Step 1: Materials Used

1. Used notebook plastic
2. Scissors
3. Scotch Tape
4. Water Gallon Cap

Step 2: Body of the Packaging

1. Cut the notebook plastic so you will not have a hard time on rolling and forming the cylindrical figure of the plastic.
2. Roll the plastic to serve as the body of the packaging. 

Step 3: Lock the Pack

Unite the water gallon cap to the plastic rolled. You can also use some glue or paste. 

Step 4: Hair Binder Holder

Roll another cylindrical figure out of the plastic to serve as the hair binder holder.

Step 5: Finishing

1. Insert the hair binders to check if it fits.
2. Insert the smaller plastic with hair binders inside the first plastic made.
3. Lock your packaging with another water gallon cap. 



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Love how simple this is, but I'm only having difficulties with one part... What is "notebook plastic", exactly? I Google it, and I find the plastic covers of certain notebooks.