Hat for the Party

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Here's our second wearable ible which uses the same program and same materials from our first one, just a concept on making our hat to glow when someone greet us.

A picture will say you everything about this ible, where you look so different from others by making this ible which is really simple and easy to do with no prior experience in electronics, all the things are plug and play stuff just with few steps its possible to complete this ible without facing any trouble.

Check the video below to get to know about how this works in real time.

Step 1: Components Needed to Complete This Project.

Arduino or Lotus Kit here is the link for the kit I used for this project


PIR Sensor


String LED


any kind of Hat that you love to wear it.

Step 2: Placing the Components Around.

1) Paste the string LED around the cap and paste it with a cello tape, don't use glue to stick to the cap permanently if you are planning to use the hat without lights.

2) connect the PIR sensor to your shirt or any other place that is convenient for you.

3) Connect the PIR sensor and String LED to the Microcontroller.

Step 3: Fritzing to Explain Where to Fit the Sensors

connect the PIR sensor output to the 4th pin of Arduino ( other two pins need to connect to the Vcc and GND).

connect the LED string to the 5th pin of Arduino.

Program your arduino from the Arduino IDE. using the below program.

#define PIR_Sensor 4
#define String_light 5

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:

pinMode(PIR_Sensor, INPUT);
pinMode(String_light, OUTPUT);


void loop() {
bool status = digitalRead(PIR_Sensor);
    if(status == true)
          for(int i = 0; i<255; i++)
            analogWrite(String_light, i);
          for(int i = 255; i>0; i--)
            analogWrite(String_light, i);



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