Homemade Guitar Pedalboard




I decided to create my own pedalboard because of the prices in the market and also I wanted to do it based on my needs.


Step 1: Selecting the Materials

To complete the project I had to buy some elements:

1. Aluminum square pipe.

2. Cable ties.

3. An extra 2 wire cable to extend the power adapter from the supply.

Step 2: Selecting the Size of the Pedalboard

Before you start cutting the pipe you have to select the size and see what pedals you are going to install.

In the pictures you can see the size of my pedal. This is the list of the pedals I have:

1. Donner DP-1 Power Supply.

2. Donner mini Compressor pedal

3. TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb pedal.

4. Donner Noise Killer

5. Donner Multi Effect Pedal Alpha Cruncher.

6. Dimebag Cry Baby Dunlop.

Step 3: Creating a Bag to Carry the Pedalboard and Final Steps.

For this step I going to upload some photos of the bag I created to carry the pedalboard. This is a custom bag special for the size of the pedalboard.

Here it is a YouTube video where you can see how I build the pedalboard and the bag.


Step 4:



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    6 weeks ago

    Excelente trabajo, gracias por tu aporte al mundo de los musicos que buscamos hacer nuestros propios equipos. De corazon muchas gracias por tomarte el tiempo de hacerlo y subir esta informacion y video. un saludo compadre desde el eje cafetero Colombia!