How to Coil Extension Cords




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The video explains how I  wrap my extension cords. I  recommend wrapping the cord around itself a few more times to make it tighter before connecting the male and female plugs. I normally keep my cords tighter than in the video. In case the video doesn't play here, I uploaded it to youtube as well.

Step 1: Wrap Around Arm

Step 2: Wrap Cord Ends Around the Rest

Step 3: Plug the Cord Into Itself

Unlimited power, right?

Step 4: Finished

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    3 years ago

    the wrong way for sure

    joris claus

    5 years ago

    This how NOT to wrap an extension cord !! All those small wraps, thats where the copper wires will start to break and fail. Use long loops only, avoid small loops and avoid tension/pulling of any kind while doing so (you can use your arm, but don't PULL/STRETCH it around your arm)

    1 reply
    stonionijoris claus

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Joris he's right, also elbow winding it's not well... This is definitely the "correct" way to do it: