How to Make a Temporary Minecraft Pe Server



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In this instructable I will teach you how to make a temporary server. This server is meant for playing with friends when you're apart, or with family, because it only lasts one day, or one hour of inactivity.


Step 1: Open Safari

Open safari and go to ""

Step 2: Click

Click the dirt block and wait for your servers address and port to show.

Step 3: Go to Minecraft Pe

Open minecraft pe and click the play button. At the top right there will be a button marked edit click it.

Then a button will appear next to edit saying external, click External

Step 4: Enter the Address and Port

Enter the address as I did in the picture then enter the port as I did in the picture as well, then enter the name

Step 5: Tadaaa

You're done now just click the server and you'll be in it, tell your friends and family your address and port then they can join you no matter how far you are



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